Our 2015 Chardonnay comes from the Sangiacomo Catarina Vineyard located in the Carneros Region in Sonoma. This location allowed us to mature the grapes slowly and evenly while maintaining vibrant acidity. The Robert Young or clone 17 thrives in this area of Sonoma. We partnered with a top grower, Sangiacomo. We worked closely with the grower to ensure the highest quality fruit at harvest. Our goal in the vineyard is to let the natural flavor of the Chardonnay shine. The acidity tends toward a northern Chablis style with high acidity, rich mouthfeel, and balanced flavors.

We handpick and sort our fruit to focus on the highest quality fruit in the vineyard. The grapes are brought to the winery extremely clean, where they undergo a second sorting. They are whole-cluster pressed gently, and we keep the press fractions separate. The wine is partially fermented in a cool tank allowing for the natural esters to remain and to retain as much fruit as possible. We finish the wine in barrel and stainless drum allowing for full lees contact and fractional barrel fermentation. The wine is aged on the lees and stirred bi-monthly. We bottle after 9 months to retain the freshness and brightness our vineyard offers.