Malabaila di Canale

2018 'Malabaila' Langhe Nebbiolo DOC


Italy: Piedmont

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Mission Briefing


Thousand years young

We got a fever and the only prescription is more Nebbiolo? How about one more, and now UNDER $20! Now how rare is THAT these days?

Enter Malabaila di Canale, a family legacy of 65+ generations since 1362. That’s like a century BEFORE Leonardo da Vinci was born. Old, VERY old.

And new, and dynamic, even Certified Organic! Master Sommelier Fernando Beteta claims Malabaila di Canale “a Piedmontese treasure” as the history and quality here sure deserve the recognition.

A lucid and luminescent lit up ruby greets the eye. Floral and fruity on the nose, with dried strawberry, violets, and earth. The most pleasant, lively mélange of cherries and red berries is what the palate is all about. The mild sappy grip dissolves over a long, seamless finale. Pair this effortlessly lovable red with anything with truffles or mushrooms, wilder the better.

Most Barolo and Barbaresco are tannic and backwards at youth. With those names on the label expect to pay up, too. So, while Nebbiolo fans wait for these more serious investment grade reds to age, it can be a challenge to find an easy on the pocket and easy on the palate rendition of this cherished variety. In other words, landing a delicious Nebbiolo in Piedmont THIS affordable is near impossible.

In our book, there is no palate more trustworthy than Vinous’ Antonio Galloni when it comes to Piedmont, “Although Barolo and Barbaresco continue to command quite a bit of attention, the reality is most of us can’t afford to drink Barolo or Barbaresco every day. I certainly can’t. But Piedmont has much to offer beyond those famous areas, including so many wines that deliver superb quality for the money.”

He rightfully declares, and explores, “Nebbiolo can be found in many guises. The trend among entry-level wines found in the Langhe Nebbiolo and Nebbiolo d’Alba appellations favors short fermentations and brief aging, done with the goal of emphasizing freshness and fruit. These wines are delicious every-day drinkers and also a terrific introduction for readers who want to explore a house style or vintage without spending larger sums.”

To conclude he asks, *“There is no question that Nebbiolo is one of the world’s greatest and most noble red grapes. An ability to convey the essence of site and vintage through the lens of producer style places Nebbiolo in rarified company. Once consumers experience the magic of Nebbiolo – most often through the wines of the Langhe – it is only natural to ask: What else is out there?”

And we answer exactly THAT question today, THIS at $19, grab by the case, while it lasts!

Tasting Profile


A lucid and luminescent lit up ruby greets the eye


Floral and fruity, with dried strawberry, violets, and earth


Most pleasant, lively mélange of cherries and red berries


The mild sappy grip dissolves over a long, seamless finale


Anything with truffles or mushrooms, wilder the better

What the Winery Says

Andrea Paglietti
100% Nebbiolo
Langhe DOC
Cuneo, Roero, Canale d’Alba
Marly clay
Vineyard age
30+ years old
South to south-west
220-280 meters above sea level
24 months
Neutral casks

About the Winery

Offer Expired:Oct 08, 2020 at 11:59 pm
Avg. Price
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