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For Wineries

Wine Spies is a dynamic and exciting meeting place for wine drinkers and wineries. Wineries whose wines we feature on and in our offline public relations and marketing materials benefit by meeting new wine customers. Wine drinkers benefit by getting to know wines that they would not otherwise experience.

We foster long-term relationships between wine drinker and winery by making it easy – and fun – for wine drinkers to purchase wines during and after our exciting wine-a-day sales. Our customers are encouraged to repurchase wines that they loved and rewarded for buying your wines and for telling others about your wines.

How Wine Spies works

Once each day, Wine Spies features one exceptional wine for sale at our website, This wine is available on a quantity-limited basis – and always at a great price. We are always scheduling new sales on our daily sales calendar, so please contact us now or call 1-855-ISPYWINE to schedule your wines for sale at