Ghost Block

2017 Pelissa Vineyard Oakville Estate Zinfandel

Red Blend •Pelissa Estate Vineyard

California: Napa Valley

Offer Expired:Aug 22, 2020 at 11:59 pm
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Mission Briefing


Bustin' makes me feel good!

THE Ghost Block!? For how much???

What a Titanic score… Zin fans PACK IN HERE!

Agent Noir has yet to miss a Taste of Oakville, the annual trade tasting that showcases some of the best Cabernet Sauvignons this planet has ever seen, from Eagle to BOND, it’s a who’s who of Napa’s elite. Of course, Cabernet dominates the scene but there’s one “other” wine that stood out…this bad boy.

Ghost Block’s $100+ Cabs do live up to their name, selling out faster than you can call Ghostbusters. The beauty of this offer today not only lies in the best price in America, but more so how low this single vineyard Zin flies under the radar. There are maybe - a big maybe - one or two others grown in Oakville, period. But this is by far the best one.

For starters, Pelissa Vineyard borders Opus One AND Silver Oak! So, if either of those legends ever made a Zin, it would not be far from this. Precious little Zin comes from Oakville, and Ghost Block sits at the top of that pyramid.

In the glass it shows a dark ruby with broad streaks of glowing cerise. The nose resonates with smoky, spicy bramble, and a basket of freshly picked wild berries. Pedigreed tannins accentuate ripe dark fruits on the palate, with vibrant acidity refreshing the full body. Superb structure, surprising complexity, depth, and length for a Zin. Enjoy with a dry rubbed, slow-cooked barbecue feast, or a wild mushroom Neapolitan pizza, charred to perfection.

We had to fight tooth and nail to get this tiny allocation. You’re not gonna see this at your local wine shop anytime soon as it’s meant for the mailing list and fine restaurants.

As the only review we could find on it deftly states, “its enjoyment in no way depends on waiting” so listen to that advice, as we did in securing every drop of this we could.

DO NOT WAIT to load up your cart.

91 Points – Connoisseurs’ Guide

“This expressive, very well-made wine proves that ripeness, deep fruit and real polish are all within good Zinfandel’s grasp all at once. Its careful marriage of sweet oak, slight briary spice and sustained blackberry fruit earn it enthusiastic recommendation, and it gets an extra round of applause for its careful balance and seamless construction. It is structured to age gracefully and should do so for a good half-decade or more, but its enjoyment in no way depends on waiting.”

Tasting Profile


Dark ruby with broad streaks of cerise within


Smoky, spicy bramble, a basket of freshly picked wild berries


Pedigreed tannins accentuate ripe dark fruits and vibrant acidity


Superb structure, surprising complexity, depth, and length for a Zin


Dry rubbed, slow-cooked barbecue, or a wild mushroom pizza

What the Winery Says

Kristi Koford
100% Zinfandel
Oakville, Napa Valley
Pelissa Estate Vineyard
Total acidity
5.68 g/L
15 months
40% new American oak

About the Winery

Offer Expired:Aug 22, 2020 at 11:59 pm
Avg. Price
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