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2018 'UN' Night Harvest Cinco Villas Garnacha

Grenache •Laberne Estate Vineyard

Spain: Aragón

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Mission Briefing



WIA NOT going to find a juicier, fruitier red for $15 out there, period.

Maybe because they only come out at night?

We’re talking about the PICKERS. And that’s not some creepy Stephen King book (definitely should be), rather the people harvesting grapes. They descend upon the vineyards before the crack of dawn when those juicy, ripe red berries peak on the acidity curve. Precious, perfect, pristine clusters you could gobble then and there if the winemaker let you. Before the sun rises, they are off to ferment, assuring maximum freshness.

That’s what makes this Garnacha so utterly RAW and compelling and hauntingly delicious. Man, the purity! For about the same money, you could get a large Razzmatazz with a double antioxidant boost at Jamba Juice. Or this, which is way FRUITIER. And way better for your immune system, heart, soul… much lower in calories too!

In the glass, it’s bright, with a deeper shade of lipstick cherry red, and purple/blue reflections. Dollops of raspberry jam, a heaping serving of cherry pie, and some vanilla creme all leap from the glass filling the room with stunning aromas. All that translates straight to the palate, where rich, velvety, and playful fruit infuse you with pure joy in every sip. Soft tannins add subtle structure, while the juicy acidity keeps it fresh and long on the harmonious finish, in a ripe, fruit-centered style. Wash down a colorful spread of your favorite homemade pintxos or tapas with this; it can handle all!

The Spanish wine revolution continues to gain momentum, and the value proposition here is simply amazing. They redefined “overdelivering” especially with reds like this. Even if you think you knew Grenache, think again. And if you don’t, we urge you to take a flyer on a few.

Once you taste it, you’ll understand. You either want this, or need this, or both. TRUST US!

Tasting Profile


Bright, with a deeper shade of lipstick cherry red, with purple/blue reflections


Raspberry jam, cherry pie, and vanilla all leap from the glass filling the room


Rich, velvety, gentle, caressing the palate with soft tannins giving subtle structure


Juicy acidity keeps it fresh, long, and harmonious, in a ripe, fruit-centered style


Wash down a colorful spread of your favorite homemade pintxos or tapas with this; it can handle all!

What the Winery Says

Carmen Tenías
100% Garnacha (Grenache)
VdlT Ribera del Gállego-Cinco Villas, Aragón
Laberne Estate Vineyard
1,476 feet
Vine Age
25 years average
2.2 tons/acre
12 months
100% stainless steel

About the Winery

Avg. Price
(40% off)
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