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Kelley Creek Winery 2005 Flow (Bordeaux Style Blend)

Kelley Creek Winery 2005 Flow (Bordeaux Style Blend)

What We Say 2005 Flow (Bordeaux Style Blend)

TOP SECRET EXCLUSIVE: Today we have a very special wine for our operatives. We were able to sleuth out an exclusive new wine from Kelly Creek Winery, the brain child of famed winemaker, Scott Lindstrom-Dake from Thumbprint Cellars. This wine, an exceptional 2005 bordeaux blend, is not available for sale anywhere. We are offering today’s wine at 25% off its retail price with free shipping on Six bottles (use promo code SPYSHIP)

Mission Codename: Go with the Flow

Operative: Agent Zin

Objective: Spy a great wine that is only available at the tasting room and procure some for our Operatives

Mission Status: Accomplished!

Current Winery: Kelly Creek Winery

Wine Subject: 2005 Kelly Creek Flow

Winemakers: Scott Lindstrom-Dake


Winemaker, Scott Lindstrom-Dake, has been making great wine since 1995. His Thumbprint Cellars wines are among our very favorites and now he brings you Kelly Creek wines, grown on his family’s estate in Dry Creek Valley.

Of winemaking, Scott says, “I developed a palate for fine wine, but as a college student I couldn’t afford to buy it. My mom and step-dad have been growing premium wine grapes for years and the light bulb just kind of went on- I can make my own wine.”

So it began with Thumbprint. A few years later, Scott’s Kelly Creek wines exhibit all of the qualities we have come to expect from this masterful winemaker. If you love Thumbprint wines, you’ll love Kelly Creek. Just don’t expect them to be a carbon copy of Tumbprint, because, these new wines seem to have a unique character of there own.

Wine Spies Tasting Profile:

Look – Deep ruby red with a slight murkiness that I love in a Bordeaux-style blend, with thick legs that crawl down the inside of the glass

Smell – An immediate rush if leather and a wet earthy smell. Cherry and strawberry also tease the nose

Feel – Smooth with great balance and a medium body

Taste – A little strawberry and cherry at the tip of the tongue quickly dissolve into earthy tabacco and leather with very subtle asparagus

Finish – With all of it’s varied tastes and smells this wine does pleasantly “flow” together with the earth and fruit nicely intermingling

Conclusion – Flow with its earth, leather, tabacco and well balanced fruit is definitely a great wine in the old world tradition. Given it’s complexity of taste there is a nice balance overall in this wine. A great achievement by winemaker Scott Lindstrom-Dake

Mission Report:

As a deep cover agent, I don’t often go public with my mission briefings. Usually, I do the more Top Secret work while Agents Red and White are off gallivanting around the globe. Today is going to be different because I am thrilled to report that I have uncovered ANOTHER incredible new wine – and scooped my fellow agents by bringing it to you before the rest of the wine buying public finds out!

The Wine Spies have been big fans of winemaker Scott Lindstrom-Dake. His Thumbprint Cellars wines are world class, elegant, and downright tasty. Because I work hard to keep my network of assets working for me, I was able to learn of Scott’s new Kelly Creek wines long before they appeared on everyone elses radar. Keeping my ear to the vineyard floor allows me to maintain close connections with winemakers around the region. This attention pays off for the Wine Spies and for you, our loyal operatives.

The reward, in this case, is a wine that is available exclusively for you. Since we have successfully completed missions with Scott in the past, he was thrilled to make available to our operatives a small quantity of his new zinfandel. After you, our operatives, grab it all up, it may be some time before it is available again.

Wine Spies Vineyard Check:

The location of the Kelly Creek Estate vineyards can be seen in this satellite photo

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What the Winery Says Kelley Creek Winery

Kelley Creek Winery
Kelley Creek Winery

Awards & Honors:

GOLD MEDAL, Sonoma County Harvest Fair, 2007.

The Winemaker:

“The remarkable 2005 Vintage brought more grapes than my folks had expected. Long time Sonoma County grape growers, Barbara and Dick Schneider scurried to find a home for their ultra-premium wine grapes. Ultimately, they convinced me to help out right in the middle of the harvest. What has come of this venture is our new brand Kelley Creek Wines. Kelley Creek is a small tributary that flows through the Schneider’s property and into Dry Creek. Western Dry Creek Valley has amazing hillside and benchland vineyards, diverse micro-climates and rich personalities that have eveloped this slice of California like no other wine region in the world.”
Scott Lindstrom-Dake, Wine maker

Tasting Notes:

Leather, currant, cherry and spicy plum aromas and flavors blend with complex acidity and layer to a silky tannin finish.

Technical Analysis:

Varietals: This Bordeaux style blend is composed of 67%merlot, 26% cabernet sauvignon and 7% cabernet franc.

ABV%: 14.7%,

pH: 3.62

TA: 0.66

Oak: French Oak barrel aged.

Production: 3000 cases produced

Kelley Creek Winery 2005 Flow (Bordeaux Style Blend) 750ml Wine Bottle
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Kelley Creek Winery 2005 Flow (Bordeaux Style Blend) 750ml Wine Bottle
Offer Expired Nov 02, 2007 at 11:59 pm
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