Deerfield Ranch

2009 Napa Valley Chardonnay


California: Napa Valley

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Today’s wine delivers a drinking experience that goes well above its price class, earning it this special QPR (Quality to Price Ratio) alert. Be sure to stock up.


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Mission Codename: That’s where it’s @

Operative: Agent Red

Objective: Infiltrate our friends at Rex Family Wines (of Deerfield Ranch fame), whose covert sister label, Arroba is causing a stir. Their fantastic new line delivers real value without sacrificing on quality. Send Agent Red to investigate. If the wine is a great as reports indicate, secure an ample cache of their newest Chardonnay for our deserving Operatives.

Mission Status: Accomplished!

Current Winery: Arroba Winery

Wine Subject: 2009 Napa Valley Chardonnay

Winemaker: Robert Rex

Backgrounder: Chardonnay is arguably the greatest of all white grape varietals, showing its influence in the legendary sparkling wines of Champagne, the great whites of Burgundy and of course its expression as ‘the’ white wine of California. Chardonnay represents over 50% of the planted white grapes in California with nearly 100,000 acres planted. With such a great number of wines made from this grape, it stands to reason that finding wines of immense quality would be hard, but look no further. Today’s delicious, value-minded selection from the Napa Valley is a delicious wine with a tender mouthfeel and plenty of flavor.

Wine Spies Tasting Profile:

Look – Light golden yellow hues, with glinting edges that catch the light as you spin the wine in the glass. As the wine settles, long, skinny legs move slowly down the glass wall.

Smell – Green apple, white peach, apricot and citrus lead the way. As the wine warms, just a little bit, it opens up and reveals sweet pineapple, softly toasty oak.

Feel – Very soft and smooth on entry, the wine glides easily across the front and mid palates. After a moment, the wine settles onto the mid-palate where a very soft dryness appears. This spreads from edges of the palate, slowly moving inward, eventually spreading to the lips and cheeks.

Taste – Zesty citrus mixes with bright pineapple, Granny Smith apple, dried apricot, dried white flower petals, white peach, key lime mix with soft white spice, oak and a hint of white pepper.

Finish – Medium long, with tart fruit yielding to sweet fruit, soft spice and subtle white pepper. At the very end, a lovely dryness encroaches, ushering in flint, white flowers and a hint of oak.

Conclusion – This delicious, sweetly complex, easy-drinking 2009 Arroba Napa Valley Chardonnay may be a budget-minded wine, but it drinks like a more expensive one, as well. A wonderful Summertime sipper, with or without food (this IS a very food-friendly wine), we’ll also be stocking up for the Fall holidays. At today’s price, you should consider picking up enough to last you. Our friends at Deerfield Ranch Winery have created a really wonderful sister label with their Arroba lineup. Each one that we’ve tasted has been really excellent – and a really excellent value. Enjoy this wine with hard cheeses, fresh seafood or all on its own.

Wine Spies Vineyard Check:

The approximate location of the Deerfield Ranch Winery, where today’s great wine was born, can be seen in this satellite photo.

What the Winery Says

About This Wine:

Napa Valley is where the Chardonnay was produced that beat the French in a blind tasting. Napa sets the standard for California wine. Chardonnay from Napa is rich and full-bodied. Medium oak and a good acid balance makes this Chardonnay a great food wine.

About The Winery:

In Spanish the at sign is known as Arroba with the same definition. The Portuguese used it as a unit of measurement exclusively for wine. Over time the @ sign has become a symbol for the internet and all it encompasses. Arroba has taken it a step further and translated the __ wines into a lifestyle experience. @Arroba believes that the industry’s goal should be to bring good wine, at a good price, for all to enjoy. To do that @Arroba searches out the best wines, from the best regions and brings it to the store at a price that people can afford. That’s why sometimes the appellations change. The people of @Arroba are so committed to this philosophy that they are on Facebook, Twitter and other social Media outlets, constantly reaching out to the consumer letting them know the latest goals, achievements and places to find us. @Arroba encourages the consumer and the bloggers out there to share their real life experience with the world through the internet.

So if you ever find @Arroba wines at a tasting, restaurant or store @Arroba presents you with the option of Tweeting or posting on the spot to share your experience to the world. @Arroba strongly believes your experience will be a positive one and that is why they have such a strong commitment to bringing great wines at great prices to the world.

Technical Analysis:

Alcohol: 14.1%

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