Topel Winery

2007 Red Table Wine

Red Blend

California: Mendocino County

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Mission Briefing


Duncan’s Delight

The primary grape used in today’s wine is the winery’s signature varietal, Syrah Noir, a unique clone of Syrah. Cuttings of today’s Syrah Noir was rumored to be smuggled from a famous vineyard in Northern Rhone, where the varietal hails from. Syrah Noir is characterized as being bold and fruit-rich, with bright flavors and a rich complexity. Grown on Topel’s mountainside vineyard in Mendocino, today’s wine thrives in the Rhone-like environment of the vineyard.

Tasting Profile


Dark ruby red with a darker center of magenta. After swirling this wine, it takes a while to settle. When it does, it leaves behind tall, elegant legs that rocket down the glass wall.


Dried cherry, ripe blackberry, braised plum and raspberry juice are out in the forefront. After the wine breathes for a little while, aromas of chocolate, soft sweetwood, dark dried flowers and flint begin to emerge.


Rife with ripe fruit, including big black cherry, blackberry, smoky plum, raspberry and red currant. Swirl the wine for a few minutes and be rewarded with brighter, more natural flavors. As the wine opens, it releases flavors of subtle spice, black pepper, subtle tobacco leaf and a hint of leather.


Bright and juicy, with a very elegant, long and sustained finish that slowly moves from red fruit to black fruit to more earthy flavors. At the very end, subtle flint and black pepper persist long after the fruits fade.


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Offer Expired:Aug 30, 2012 at 11:59 pm
Avg. Price
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