Cantine Lunae Bosoni

2010 LVNAE Vermentino


Italy: Tuscany

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Mission Briefing


La Bella Luna

Final Assessment
This is our first ever Vermentino and we could not have sleuthed a better example! Our tasting panel was universally intrigued by this fantastic wine, declaring it to be one of the most interesting imported white wines that we’ve ever featured. Broad and bright, across the palate, this delicious wine delivers a bevy of delicious flavors and aromas, coupled with a bright acidity and a feel that seems to expand across the palate as you sip it. Enjoy this wine, all on its own, or pair it with an assortment of foods, including hard cheeses, herb roasted chicken or a fresh pasta dish.

Winner of the prestigious Tre Bicchiere award (the highest honor) from Gambero Rosso, Italy’s most respected wine reviewer, this is one wine that you won’t want to miss. Supply is limited, so please act quickly. We’ve been selling out of a lot of wine, lately.

Tasting Profile


Dark golden yellow, with perfect clarity and a tightly springy surface. Glinting golden highlights that catch the light when swirled. Skinny legs start high on the glass, and then run very slowly downward.


Fragrant and lush and bright, with brilliant citrus zest, green apple, lemongrass, honeysuckle, yellow grapefruit and flint. After much swirling and after the wine warms, pineapple, dried white flowers, white spice and yellow apple emerge.


Bright flavors of yellow grapefruit, lime zest, Meyer lemon, flint, lemongrass, golden apple, soft white flowers, subtle white spice, subtle sweetwood and a hint of vanilla.


Medium long with fine, sweet and tart flavors that tail off to reveal white spice, minerals and dry white flowers.


What the Winery Says

A white wine of good stuff and charm, pale yellow with golden hues. Intense and elegant bouquet with evident hints of wild flowers; harmonious taste of acacia honey and golden apple.

Villages of Ortonovo and Castelnuovo Magra
Cold maceration on the skins for 48 hours, then fermentation at controlled temperature
13% by vol.
Serving Temperature
50 ̊F (10°C)

About the Winery

In the Winery’s words:

Wines of great stuff and temper, produced thanks to an accurate selection of the best vineyards and grape. A patient and ancient work marked by the rhythm of the seasons, between sun and rain, year after year, to catch the best potential out of every single terroir.

The lands of Ortonovo and Castelnuovo Magra, little villages on the border between Tuscany and Liguria, lie on the hills facing the Mediterranean Sea and protected by the marble peaks of the Apuan Alps. Here rises Luni, the ancient Roman city so shiny and rich of marbles that the Barbarians, descending from the Alps, took for Rome by mistake.

Cantine Lunae deepen their roots in the millenary history of this land and people, whose great vine-growing and wine-making tradition have inherited. Etruscans, or perhaps Ligures and then Romans, were the first to grow vineyards in the surroundings of the beautiful Luni, the “Moon City”.

In the short time frame of a decade, this magnificent winery has been instrumental in putting Vermentino on the world wine map and has become known for produced very elegant Vermentino year after year.

The family Bosoni produces the entire range of Cantine Lunae wines by hand and with great care. It is easy to understand when tasting the wines.

These lands have given birth to us, to our vineyards, to our passion, to our wine!

Offer Expired:Sep 09, 2012 at 11:59 pm
Avg. Price
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