Coleman Nicole

2009 Morris Ranch Vineyard Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir •Morris Ranch Vineyard

California: Sonoma Coast

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Mission Briefing



Very Highly Recommended, today’s single-vineyard 2009 Coleman Nicole Morris Ranch Vineyard Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir is a wine that we encourage you to consider.

Made by longtime Wine Spies Operative favorite winemaker, Jason Moore, this wine is juicy, elegant and uber-delicious. Jason has stunned us with his wines, in the past, breaking sales records and creating many satisfied Operatives. Jason currently makes wines for Coleman Nicole, Modus Operandi, Gentleman Farmer (formerly Poem Cellars), Cielo Malibu Estate Vineyards, RHEO Cellars, and Ashton Lockett Wines. Today makes the first time we have featured a Pinot Noir made by Jason. We wonder why we waited so long!

This wine is bursting with a wonderful compliment of flavors, with an elegant feel and an ultra-long finish that will delight and impress you. Pair this very food-friendly wine with nearly any chicken, fish or pork disk. Be sure to stock up - if you love wonderful Pinot Noir.

Tasting Profile


Beautiful dark maroon hues, with perfect clarity, a slightly darker heart and pretty pink edging. Swirl the wine and it settles very quickly, leaving behind skinny legs the descend, slowly, from midway up the glass wall.


Fragrant fruit and earthiness abound, with dark cherry, strawberry and raspberry, layering atop dark minerals, damp earth, dried leaves, subtle spice candy and a hint of gunpowder.


Bright, sweet cherry, cranberry, strawberry, raspberry and cassis combine with soft, sweet spice, flint, dusty bramble, gunpowder and subtle dried cherry.


Ultra long and filled with juicy red fruits that very gradually yield to earthy flavors of spice, bramble and minerals. As the fruit fades, a soft dryness spreads from the edges of the palate, inward.


Enjoy this delicious Pinot Noir with a pepper crusted ahi steak or your favorite pork dish in a cherry reduction!

What the Winery Says

It starts with nature producing exceptional Pinot Noir grapes in an ideal climate and soil. Meticulously farmed, handpicked, softly punched down by hand, and gravity fed to French oak barrels, the grapes are nurtured with an unparalleled attention to detail and care resulting in a masterpiece for your cellar or table.

We worked hard on finding a vineyard that is not only in the right location in the Petaluma Gap but also one that has the right mix of clones and farming practices. This Morris Ranch Pinot Noir is lower in alcohol and higher in acid than most California Pinot Noir’s. It is food friendly and will age nicely in the cellar for five to eight years.

– Brandon Miller, Proprietor

The 2009 vintage has aromas and flavors of fresh red cherry, raspberry, strawberry and touches of cranberry, spiced with cinnamons and clove. Blended with these red fruits and spice, there is a hint of earth with characteristics of wet tilled soil, mushrooms and slight camp smoke on the finish. Overall, this is a clean and well balanced, fruit forward style pinot noir which pairs wonderfully with salmon and other fish, tangy cheeses, pork, duck, turkey and lamb dishes. It also bridges wonderfully with mushrooms. A favorite pairing of the tasting room is with Humboldt Fog Cheese.

Vineyard Details
100% Morris Ranch
Clones Used
Pommard 5, Dijon 777
Vineyard Location
38°16’10.53”N 122°35’28.46”W Click for Google Map
Harvest Date
September 24th, 2009
Brix at Harvest
25.5 Brix
Percentage New French Oak
50% New Burgundian, Damy, Cadus, Remond, Francois Freres
Barrel Aging
17 months
Bottling Date
February 15th, 2011
Cases Produced

About the Winery

As Coleman Nicole Pinot Noir winemakers we are simply passionate about wine. We take great care and pride in presenting you small lot, artisan Pinot Noir from single vineyard sources. Thank you so much for your interest. We truly appreciate and are humbled by it.

Wine as a part of life.

I grew up in one of those families that always had wine on the table. Back in the seventies and eighties it was Inglenook, Beringer, and a lot of Mondavi Cabernet Sauvignon. My Grandpa bought cases of Gruner Veltliner and Eiswein back in the 70’s. (I still have two bottles) I would have my own tiny glass on the table by the time I was eight or nine and my parents stressed the value of a good wine pairing with a meal. In college many of my friends were out to find the rarest micro-brew they could find and they would all taste the newest and exciting ales. This was when the micro-brew craze was at it’s height. I was just trying to build the base to my wine collection with bottles of S. Anderson (Now Cliff Lede), Heitz, Silver Oak, and Beaulieu Vineyards.

I kept collecting Cabernet through much of the nineties until I walked into the back wine room at David Berkleys. I asked one of the salesmen what to look for in a good Burgundy and he picked me out his favorite. I let it rest for a couple of months and then popped it. The flavors were so much different than what I was used to and the Earthy components on top of mineral and Cherry had me hooked. I have been hooked since and Pinot Noir has been a life passion of mine.

Around the year 2000 I noticed a big change in California wine. It may have happened much earlier but I started to notice higher end Pinot and Rhone varietals so I began to expand my palate to all kinds of wines. When I tasted a bottle of Truckee River Winery Gary’s Vineyard somewhere around 2002 I was hooked on California Pinot Noir for good. As a wine collector at heart, I continued the never ending hunt to fill my perfect Pinot Noir list: Kosta Browne, Sea Smoke, Rhys, Kutch, and many others fill my office and home.

My passion for wine continued to filter into every part of my life - from family dinners to vacations centered around wine and of course a wedding with a wine theme. Friends and family began to drop hints that maybe it was time that I should use my passion and knowledge to get into the business and start my own label. At the time I let it roll off of my back but as I thought more and more about the possibility I became obsessed with the idea.

In early 2008 I formulated a business plan and put the word out to friends in the industry that I would be looking for grapes. There were a few possibilities but nothing that really got my juices flowing. I wanted to make a Sonoma Coast or Russian River Pinot Noir and everyone I called was contracted out. Then I received a phone call from my friend Jason Moore. James Hall (Patz and Hall) had some Sonoma Coast grapes for sale and was willing to take us out to the vineyard. We went, liked what we saw, and with a hand shake to Mr. Hall I was officially ITB! (In The Business).

My goal with Coleman Nicole is to make small lot Pinot Noir from single vineyard sources and to make it with the utmost care - a goal of making the every day wine drinker a connesueir when they taste what a wine can taste like when there’s only eight barrels made.

I wouldn’t have come even this far without the love and friendship of quite a few people and while we haven’t yet bottled our first vintage, many thanks are in order. Keith and Taryn Gordon, Pat and Sheri Cannon, Peter and Linda Gordon and my wonderful wife Denyce are the corner stones of Coleman Nicole. Without these people Coleman Nicole is merely a dream. David Grega and Justin Moulton, two friends who helped me jump and networked me to all of their wine friends. Jason Moore, owner of Modus Operandi and Coleman Nicole winemaker who lets me call him and bug him all the time with stupid questions. James Hall of Patz and Hall for giving us the opportunity to purchase top notch grapes. Gary Vaynerchuk for being truly interested in what I’m doing and giving a little footing to stand on. Andy Byers of Six Cellars for letting me bounce ideas back and forth, and friends like Glen Levine who have helped with the little things like spray painting our bins.

We’re looking forward to putting Coleman Nicole on your table, please enjoy!

– Brandon Miller, Coleman Nicole Wines

Offer Expired:Sep 18, 2012 at 11:59 pm
Avg. Price
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