Cantine Lunae Bosoni

2010 LVNAE Rosso

Red Blend

Italy: Tuscany

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Mission Briefing


La Bella Luna

Today’s 2010 Colli Di Luni ROSSO is a truly delicious, balanced wine. We have really enjoyed other wines from this winery, but this wine really captivated us.

If you love old world, bright, earthy Italian reds, please act quickly as this wine will sell out. We got our hands on every last case in the United States. When it is gone, it’ll be gone forever. Pair as you would a classic Italian red. We paired this down to earth wine with a spicy penne arrabbiata . This wine gets our heartiest Wine Spies recommendation!

Tasting Profile


Darkest garnet hues, with perfect coloration from core to rim. On swirling, the wine settles quickly. Very gradually, tall, thin, wine-colored legs form - before very slowly running downward.


Dar and very fragrant, with a bold, old world rush of ripe cherry, sandalwood, dried pipe tobacco, leather, dusty bramble, subtle dried herbs and dark plum.


Balanced and complex, with dusty dark cherry, dried tobacco, smoky cassis and blackberry. These are followed by dusty bramble, dark brown spice, dark sweetwoods, flint, black pepper and black cherry.


Very long, with balanced, bold, dark fruit flavors that gradually yield to to earth, bramble, minerals and a hint of exotic black pepper at the tail end.


What the Winery Says

Il Prestigio

Harmonious and with an outstanding personality, created to perfectly reflect Lunae’s philosophy, to bear a millenary history, made of passions, hard work and prestige.

Auxo is Greek means “to grow”, “to develop”: the verb that moves nature and our passion. It shows a deep ruby red color, with an intense yet persistent bouquet, typical of the Marasca cherry and red berries. Dry, sapid, harmonious at the taste, with a great structure.

Grape Varietals

Sangiovese, Cannaiolo, Ciliegiolo


Villages of Ortonovo and Castelnuovo Magra


10 days on the skins, then 10 months in large oak barrels



Serving Temperature


About the Winery

In the Winery’s words:

Wines of great stuff and temper, produced thanks to an accurate selection of the best vineyards and grape. A patient and ancient work marked by the rhythm of the seasons, between sun and rain, year after year, to catch the best potential out of every single terroir.

The lands of Ortonovo and Castelnuovo Magra, little villages on the border between Tuscany and Liguria, lie on the hills facing the Mediterranean Sea and protected by the marble peaks of the Apuan Alps. Here rises Luni, the ancient Roman city so shiny and rich of marbles that the Barbarians, descending from the Alps, took for Rome by mistake.

Cantine Lunae deepen their roots in the millenary history of this land and people, whose great vine-growing and wine-making tradition have inherited. Etruscans, or perhaps Ligures and then Romans, were the first to grow vineyards in the surroundings of the beautiful Luni, the “Moon City”.

In the short time frame of a decade, this magnificent winery has been instrumental in putting Vermentino on the world wine map and has become known for produced very elegant Vermentino year after year.

The family Bosoni produces the entire range of Cantine Lunae wines by hand and with great care. It is easy to understand when tasting the wines.

These lands have given birth to us, to our vineyards, to our passion, to our wine!

Offer Expired:Oct 14, 2012 at 11:59 pm
Avg. Price
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