Adobe Road

 'RedLine' Premium Red Wine Blend

Red Blend

California: Sonoma County

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Mission Briefing


The Third Demension

This is a really intriguing wine and, for the price, we can’t help but give it our enthusiastic recommendation. With a big, cherry-spice nose that gives early clues to what is to come on the palate, this wine does not disappoint at all. We loved the fruit and spice combo on the palate, finding that they play beautifully off of each other. Decant for best results; This wine softens and opens to new fruit as it breathes. Pair with an exciting spicy meat dish or a tangy BBQ chicken, right off the grill. Put your seat belt on – and enjoy!

Tasting Profile


Beautiful dark ruby hued, with a slightly darker heart. Along the edges of the wine runs a fine ring of bold pink. Spin the wine in the glass and fine, branching legs form high up, and then run slowly down.


Bold and spicy, this wine leads with a dense spiced black cherry, bramble, blackberry and cedar. These are layered over smoky crushed dark flower petals, Bing cherry, cassis, freshly turned earth and just a hint of savory meat pastry.


Rich, flavor-filled and gently spiced, this complex wine leads with bold black cherry, overripe blackberry, mulberry, green bramble, and under-ripe plum. Notes of dark-roast espresso bean, salt licorice, black pepper and slate also make an intriguing appearance at the end.


The fruit goes medium-long and rich, with red and black fruit giving way to spice and savory favors that seem to sustain for a very long time. At the tail end, black cherry makes an intriguing back-of-palate appearance.


What the Winery Says

Ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb! The perfect combination of brawn and stealth, this dark cherry bomb explodes on the tongue. Blueberry tones and blackberry jams combine with flavors of rose petals, dark chocolate and vanilla extract. Don’t race to finish this wine…be sure to enjoy every last drop!

Sonoma County
April 2011



About the Winery

Adobe Road Winery is owned by renowned sports car racer and entrepreneur Kevin Buckler and his wife, Debra.

The Bucklers got started making “garage wine” and, after prodding from enthusiastic friends, started commercially bottling it under the Adobe Road label in 1999. Through Kevin’s good connections, he has acquired grapes from some very prestigious vineyards, which he handcrafts into extremely limited-production wines. The awards that followed inspired the all out effort to make Adobe Road Winey the premiere small lot winery of Sonoma County.

Winemaker Michael Scorsone

Winemaker Michael Scorsone is remarkably unique as California winemakers go. A graduate of the CIA (Culinary Institute of America) in Hyde Park, NY, he had already achieved a rewarding career in both the restaurant and hotel business when he felt his real calling—that of the almighty grape.

Michael came to Napa Valley, took enology courses at Napa Valley College and entered the wine business. He worked in various capacities at several boutique wineries: Neyers Vineyards, Failla Winery and even the cultish Turley Wine Cellars, the pinnacle of wineries for many wine insiders. Michael was also able to insert a stint in Italy during the process. At Villa Montelione in Valpolicella, Italy, Michael was able to observe the ancient process of Amarone development, along with producing a number of other great Italian varietals.

Of Sicilian descent, Scorsone is that remarkable professional individual that is able to pair intricate food flavors and subtle wine characteristics that allow for the near perfect pairing of food and wine. Many winemakers rely on expert chefs to provide insight into such matters, but Michael Scorsone can do it all himself. Adobe Road Winery owner Kevin Buckler sums it up thusly: ‘I feel that Michael is a degree away from being a real winemaker star. His background and work ethic will soon allow him to become great.”

Offer Expired:Oct 22, 2012 at 11:59 pm
Avg. Price
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