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2011 The Fugitive Red Blend

Red Blend

California: Dry Creek Valley

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Mission Briefing


No Jailbird!

An obvious, humorous, in-your-face assault on the wildly popular wine, The Prisoner, this wine managed to captivate our hearts - and our senses. If you like The Prisoner (a great wine in its own right), we think that you will love The Fugitive. After all, isn’t it better to be a Fugitive than a Prisoner?

This is another outstanding wine from our friends at Truett-Hurst Winery. We wouldn’t expect any less from winemaking phenom, Virginia Marie Lambrix. Her 2011 Fugitive Red Blend, from Dry Creek Valley, is a brand new release for the winery and we were lucky enough to get our hands on it first!

Our tasting panel was instantly impressed with this food-friendly, budget-friendly, full bodied red blend. This genius blend embodies the best varietals of the Dry Creek Valley, including Petite Sirah, Syrah, and Zinfandel. Fruit driven, bold and spicy, with an ultra-smooth finish, this wine easily gets our heartiest recommendation.

As a young 2011 vintage we can’t help but imagine the potential this bright, youthful wine has. Enjoy a few bottle now, but we also highly recommend that you harbor this particular Fugitive for the next few years!

Tasting Profile


Great intensity of color with deep and dark purple hues. The depth of color gives clues to the richness of the wine. After swirling, the viscous wine glides around the glass leaving long and lean legs.


At first swirl, strong aromas of dark cocoa, rich plum, and subtle oak are prominent. Alluring aromas suggest that the wine will be complex in flavor, yet deliciously smooth. As the wine begins to breathe, new aromas such as baking spices, fresh fig, and sweet maple syrup start to appear with undertones of earthiness and minerality.


Rich plums flavors mingle with ripe blackberry, black cherry combine present themselves in an earthy and complex structure. Bright acidity and soft tannins harmonize together providing the ultimate balance. As it opens, undertones of dark spice and a subtle layer of sweet maple syrup coat the palate.


A silky and smooth finish provide the taster with a real sense of elegance. With time to breathe the bright acidity bursts through, providing a long sustaining finish reaching the far reaches of the palate.


What the Winery Says

The bare essentials packed into a small bag. A man on the run; toothbrush, a change of clothes, cash and a few bottles of wine. Not just any wine. The wine that you drink when you know it may just be your last.

Rip dark plum fruit flavors, a little black pepper spice, toasty oak, and lots of texture and layers to make up for all the other creature comforts left behind….

Better to be a fugitive than behind bars.

Tasting Notes

Intense, Blackberry, Spice, Full-bodied. Aromas of blackberry and blueberry jam, graham cracker crust and hints of espresso and spice are followed by rich, layered flavors of black cherry and mocha.


Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma County, Ca

Varietal Composition

46.7% Petite Sirah 41.2% Syrah 12.1% Zin



About the Winery

Truett Hurst is nestled in the heart of Dry Creek Valley, creating world class wines from the special 26 acre haven. Visit Truett Hurst and enjoy our tasting room made of eco-friendly materials, Coho salmon swimming in the creek, sheep grazing in the vineyards, beneficial insect habitat, and our big and bold Zinfandels.

While the formation of the Truett Hurst partnership began in November of 2007, the founding partners worked together at Fetzer Winery years before. At that time, Paul Dolan was Director of Winemaking and hired Phil Hurst, fresh from UC Davis, to work as one of the winemakers. Years later, Phil would hire Paul’s son, Heath, right out of college to work for him. Thirty years after that first meeting, Paul, Heath, Phil and Sylvia Hurst formed a partnership in the Dry Creek Valley. Their vision: create world class wines using biodynamic farming principles. To complete that vision, Mark De Meulanaere and winemaker, Virginia Lambrix were brought in.

The story really begins in the vineyard, where we source fruit from the best hillside, old vine vineyards in Dry Creek. The style of wine, be it spicy and bold, or fruit driven and elegant, is dictated by the vineyard. Understanding this and allowing for the authentic translation of its terroir is paramount for making unforgettable wines. Small, open top fermentations, mixing the cap gently with punch downs and selection of only the best French and American oak are only part of the care that go into handcrafting our wines.

Offer Expired:Oct 29, 2012 at 11:59 pm
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