Domaine Jean-Francois Protheau

2009 "Les Carlins" Montagny Burgundy


France: Burgundy

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Mission Briefing


La Reine Blanche

White Burgundy is thrilling to find, wonderful to experience, and sublime to remember. This ‘09 White Burgundy from the chalky soils of Montagny is a delightful example of barrel-fermented 100% Chardonnay. Barrel fermentation and “battonage” sur lie aging began in this region, allowing a subtle richness to come forward in the wine. Elegance and refinement are hallmarks of this cool growing region and of the house of Jean-Francois Protheau, established in 1720.

Firstly, a beautiful pale, clear color is lovely to behold. The wine derives minerality from the limestone soils of the area and is quite complex with wonderful zip. This wine is best served slightly chilled, not too cold.

Tasting Profile


Medium yellow tint throughout, with full round tears that coat the glass and slowly drip downward after a swirl.


A lovely, bright nose of citrus and lemon pelargonium blossom. Pear and green apple come forward as the wine warms.


This White Burgundy evokes luscious ripe apricot, vanilla, and subtle oak.


The Chardonnay leaves the palette with excellent length and density. A unique dryness maintains a solid core from the first taste to the finish.


What the Winery Says

When looking for true value in Burgundy, one is wise to look outside the spotlight of such famous villages as Puligny and Chassagne Montrachet and head a bit south to the Cote Chalonnaise. The Montagny Appellation D’Origine Controlee (AOC) is a great place to find some of the best values in Chardonnay especially in Domaine J.F. Protheau’s vineyards.


Montagny (Burgundy, France)







About the Winery

Domaine Jean-Francois Protheau, established in 1720, produces the finest wines from our estate vineyards in France.

About Montagny

Montagny is a commune in the south of the Cote Chalonnaise sub-region of Burgundy, in eastern France. The Montagny appellation was introduced in 1936 and covers the communes of Montagny-les-Buxy, Jully-les-Buxy, Buxy and Saint-Vallerin. It is the only one of the five Chalonnaise communal appellations devoted exclusively to white wines. These are produced only from the Chardonnay grape variety and are often fermented or matured in oak barrels to add depth and complexity.

Montagny wines are identified by the fact that they have a little more body and slightly higher acidity than the whites from other Chalonnaise appellations. This is the result of Montagny’s marginally warmer southerly location and the high level of limestone in the local soils, which also brings a valued minerality to the wines. (

Offer Expired:Nov 04, 2012 at 11:59 pm
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