2009 @cabernet sauvignon reserve

Cabernet Sauvignon

California: Sonoma Valley

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Mission Briefing


Where It's At

We could not have chosen a better wine for our huge Cyber Monday event!

We have been featuring wines made by the beloved Robert Rex at Deerfield Ranch Winery for more than five years now, and we have grown to love both the extraordinary wines and the extraordinary talents and warmth of the entire Rex family. We are proud to introduce Robert’s new brand @wine today. Today’s 2009 @Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve drinks just like the higher-priced offerings we’ve seen under the Deerfield Ranch winery label.

A rich, right, mouth feeling wine, today’s reserve Cabernet Sauvignon really knocked our socks off. Certainly, we have come to expect great things from the winemaker of Deerfield Ranch, and when we learned that the new brand @wine included a reserve-tier wine, we jumped at the chance to review it. Boy are we glad that we did! Bold, well structured and delicious, this young wine is drinking beautifully, right now. It is also clear that this wine will continue to progress for at least another decade. With proper care, this one will only continue to improve, delivering even more elegance then it does today.

Enjoy this ultra-premium Cabernet Sauvignon, at a fraction of the price. Just act quickly, dear operative, as this fantastic Cyber Monday opportunity will be over when the wine sells out.

Tasting Profile


Beautiful maroon hues with the translucent quality that makes the wine seem to shimmered in the glass. Color is evenly concentrated from the core of the wine to the edge of the glass. After giving the wine a good swirl it settles quickly leaving behind a unique twin level of tears that retain the color of the wine as it moves slowly down the glass wall.


Rich and right, with bold blackberry, smoked cherry candy, settle leather, dark mocha, wild strawberry and sweet spice out in front. Additional aromas are revealed after you allow it to breathe. Sweetwood, earthy loam, black pepper and graphite follow on.


Sweet, rich and delicious, with sweet black cherry, smoky sweet black plum, blackberry, dried blueberry, subtle pine, mint and just a hint of black pepper all contributing to the intriguing flavors of this wine.


Oaks along with fresh fruits that gradually yield to dry fruits, spice and lush earthen elements. As plush tannins drive the pallet and pucker the lips a lovely graphite minerality dances on the tongue with black pepper, long after fruits fade.


What the Winery Says

@wines are delicious new wines for the internet era. @wines are social glue, connecting you to your friends better than Facebook ever has. @wines are appellation-specific wines made by Robert Rex, winemaker for Deerfield Ranch Winery. So when texting doesn’t fit the bill, when real face time is key - This wine is where it’s @!


Sonoma Valley


Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

About the Winery

The @wine, a by-the-glass wine that exceeds all expectations is Robert Rex’s, the Winemaker at Deerfield Ranch Winery, brain child. By merging the social, dynamic, interactive form of the internet with the inherently social characteristic of wine – a new brand with a meaning is born - the @wine.

Robert Rex has been making wine at Deerfield Ranch Winery in Sonoma County for over thirty years. Robert says “winemaking is 60% cooking and 40% chemistry”. A Chemistry major from UC Berkeley and a decorated Master Chef, Robert blends his hobby and vocation to produce some of the best wine in the World – as evidenced by over 250 wine awards. Yet, Robert wanted something more – he wanted a wine for every occasion, an everyday wine you could be proud to serve your friends. By using the relationships he had created over the years as a winemaker for Deerfield, Robert put together a lineup of the four most popular varietals in the world - Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Merlot and Cabernet, from appellations and vineyards famous for their respective varietals.

The concept of the @wine is to introduce and educate people about wine and the lifestyle associated with wine. Creating a label and wine brand that is recognizable and fun, not intimidating. “Over delivers” is key to the @wine philosophy. There is an increasing interest in wine in today’s culture and Robert strives to educate and inform this growing audience of wine drinkers with the @wine and give his Deerfield fans an everyday wine for every occasion. Unlike some wines that scream “wine snob” and “exclusive”, the @wine appeals to people that just enjoy wine.

Offer Expired:Nov 26, 2012 at 11:59 pm
Avg. Price
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