Swanson Vineyards

2009 Oakville Merlot


California: Napa Valley

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Successive Greatness

Today’s 2009 Swanson Vineyards Napa Valley Merlot represents the sixth successive vintage of this fantastic wine that we have had the great fortune to present to you. Dark, plush and balanced with bold, bright flavors, today’s wine is among the best we have featured from Swanson.

Merlot makes for one of the most food friendly wines, and today’s example truly reinforces this notion. We paired ours with a delicious homemade pizza with marinara, fresh mozzarella, pineapple and Italian sausage. Juicy and bright, the wine provided the perfect palate cleanser, between bites.

Complex, balanced and very approachable, today’s fantastic wine earns our highest recommendation for a Merlot. Swanson Vineyards is best-known for their Merlot, and today’s stunning example clearly illustrates why, vintage after vintage, they earn our highest respect.

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Offer Expired:Jan 02, 2013 at 11:59 pm
Avg. Price
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