Henri Abelé

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France: Champagne

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Mission Briefing


Oh, Henri!

Today’s delightful Champagne comes to us from Henri Abelé, the third oldest Champagne house in Reims - and the fifth oldest in all of Champagne. Established by Théodore Van der Veken in 1757, Maison Henri Abelé a prestigious firm that has continued to innovate throughout its 250-year history, while staying true to its roots.

This wonderful sparkler is delicious and rich, delivering a great deal of flavor and character for a French Champagne. Very flexible, this is a bubbly that could be served all on its own, but we think that it would shine with the right food pairings.

Pair with Ceviche, a hard cheese platter, or fresh fruit with a lovely baked brie. Lemon meringue pie would also be quite a delightful pairing companion!

Tasting Profile


Medium Golden hues, from core to edge. A steady cascade of fine, slow-moving bubbles add sparkle to the wine.


Yeasty and rich, at first, with a lovely baked brie quality that leads to lovely fruit. Golden delicious apple melds with hazelnut and sweet apple pie aromas. Cream and bread dough follow at the end.


Refreshing and rich with Golden Delicious apple and lemon zest out in front. A fine mousse transports limestone, creamed honey and columbard grape to the far corners of the palate.


A very long finish with persistent fruit that slowly gives way to limestone minerals.


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Offer Expired:Feb 10, 2013 at 11:59 pm
Avg. Price
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