2007 Chianti Classsico Reserva


Italy: Tuscany

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Mission Briefing


The Boss of Bosses

Today’s wine is very highly recommended, dear Operative! It represents a truly exceptional value at our low price of just $17.99.

An exceptionally balanced wine from one of the best vintages on record; Wine Spectator Magazine awarded this vintage a fantastic 94 points, the highest rating for many years - before and since.

This is a classic, balanced Chianti that satisfies on so many levels. The wine is equal parts fruit and earthiness, delivering us an old world drinking experience that we just can’t get enough of.

This is a very flexible wine that begs to be enjoyed with a wide range of foods. This lovely Chianti will harmonize with anything you pair it with, rather than compete with it. Pork tenderloin or Prosciutto Melone antipasti.

Tasting Profile


Dark and rich with vibrant crimson hues with a slightly lighter rim. Multiple rounds of skinny legs fall quickly down the glass.


At first sniff, we are reminded of a juicy chocolate covered cherry. Earthy currant, dried blueberry, dried leaves, wood shavings, graphite, fresh soil follow.


Dusty and earthy with dark cherry, dried cherry, dried blueberry with woodsy dried leaves and subtlest spice.


Dry and delicious, with lingering woodsy dark fruit and earth that goes on for a long time.


What the Winery Says


90% Sangiovese, 10% Canaiolo





Vinification and Refinement

Old traditional vinification method: completely mature grapes are harvested from vineyards and crushed almost immediately. Afterwards, the grapes are poured into large tanks for primary fermentation at a controlled temperature of 73-75 degrees Fahrenheit until the desired sugar is extracted. When the primary fermentation is perfect, the wine is filtered and stored at a constant temperature in large oak barrels for 24 months. It completes its refinement in dark bottles for a minimum period of 3 months.


Color: bright ruby red Bouquet: intense and characteristic; fruity with a violet fragrance Flavor: dry, harmonious; notes of dark chocolate and black cherry

Food Pairings

Ideal with grilled meat and pasta dishes with rich tomato sauce.

About the Winery

The origin of the name Chianti is not certain. It may have originated from the Latin word clangor (noise), reminiscent of the sounds of hunting in the forests of the area, or from the Etruscan word clante (water), indicating the area had resources that favored the growth of the grapes.

Contemassi is a premium winery in the Tuscany wine growing region that specializes in producing a range of flavorful yet smooth Chiantis.

Offer Expired:Feb 14, 2013 at 11:59 pm
Avg. Price
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