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2011 California Moscato



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Mission Briefing



This lovely wine was a real hit with our tasting panel. Our expectations were exceeded and we all found this delicious little Muscato to be a wonderful treat. After an afternoon of tasting big California red wines, we finished with this one - which gave our palates a sweetly refreshing cleanse.

We’d recommend this as a stand alone cocktail (or aperitif) wine, but it would also play very nicely with an assortment of lighter foods. A fresh fruit and light cheese plate comes to mind but this wine would also pair well with lightly spicy Asian dishes.

Enjoy some now, but be sure to save a few bottles for sunny spring days!

Tasting Profile


Bright and negligee-sheer with hints of light lemon, reminiscent of simple syrup. Tall, skinny legs form high up on the glass wall before running slowly down.


Delightful, bright, happy and refreshing. Aromas of Asian pear, lychee and cantaloupe mixed with floral aromas of honeysuckle, jasmine and dried apricot.


Sweet and floral with apple blossom, creamed honey, Asian pear, dried apricot and dried mango.


Medium in length with a clean, dreamy quality that is gentle, refreshing and easy.


What the Winery Says

Grown in the Central Coast region, this fruit survived very warm days and cool evenings, creating wonderfully balanced fruit. Fermentation was arrested after 8.4% alcohol to provide a residual sweetness in this ever-so-pleasing wine. Wonderful aromas, this wine is 100% stainless steel aged, smooth, crisp and refreshing.


Central Coast



About the Winery


In 1978, Mountain View Winery was established in Monterey California. Spectacular vineyards were chosen from various regions throughout California. From its inception, Mountain View Winery has forged strong relationships with growers in order to produce wines of superior quality. Our growers are located in regions that offer strong varietal character and exceptional value, including Monterey, Amador, Napa, Lake County and the Central Coast.

Over thirty years later, Mountain View Winery continues to offer some of the finest California values on the market. Our premium quality, moderately priced wines are favored by premium wine retailers and, in particular, the hotel and restaurant trade. Mountain View wines have built a reputation as a preferred on-premise California by-the-glass product in many regions of the country.

The Mountain View Winery Tasting Room opened in August of 2011. Located in San Rafael, California, the tasting room provides a very unique opportunity for consumers to taste many of our premium wines, in a very comfortable setting.


In 2010 Angelo Pera assumed the role of General Manager and Managing Director of Mountain View Winery. His tenure in the wine industry dates back to 1991 as CEO of Premier Export, Inc. With a series of strong relationships and a thorough understanding of the industry, Angelo is guiding Mountain View Winery to becoming a stronghold amongst California wineries.

“Our promise to our customers is that we will deliver an excellent wine at a reasonable price point” says Angelo. “We will not compromise on the quality of our wines. Our customers deserve an excellent product and our job is to make sure we are constantly delivering that product.”

Over the past thirty years, Mountain View Winery has developed a strong following. The wines are available in 50 states and 9 countries throughout the world.

Offer Expired:Feb 08, 2013 at 11:59 pm
Avg. Price
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