Fritz Underground Winery

2010 Russian River Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir

California: Russian River Valley

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Mission Briefing


In Style

This is classic Russian River Valley Pinot Noir at its finest!

This wine exudes balance, with fruitiness and earthiness in even proportion. The balance is delicate and refined, showing off the finer qualities of each. This wine is neither subdued or brash, though. Instead, it is delicious and elegant.

Decant for at least thirty minutes for best results. Enjoy this lovely wine now, or hold a few bottles for the next few years.

Pair this very food-friendly wine with a roast chicken or coq au vin. Both would be absolutely delightful, as would a cranberry compote covered brie. Buy now, but hold a few bottles for next Thanksgiving feast.

Tasting Profile


Brilliant and vibrant with gorgeous ruby hues. At the edges, the color falls off to a pretty pink. Multiple rounds of short, skinny tears move slowly down the glass.


Red berry jam and delicate vanilla meld with anise, plump cherry licorice and mixed spice of soft cardamom and cinnamon stick. As the wine breathes for a bit, it softens and opens up to reveal black cherry, pomegranate and dried cranberry.


Fruity and savory, in equal proportion, this wine leads with black cherry, dried Bing cherry, briar patch, dried orange peel, black olive and subtle clove. The wine is slightly grippy, especially at the edges.


Clean, slightly dry and grippy, all across the palate and edges. Flavors linger longest at the mid palate.


What the Winery Says

The fruit for this delightful Pinot Noir comes from a 25 acre vineyard located West of Highway 116 in Sebastopol. Pommard, 115, and 113 clones were planted in rich Gold Ridge Dust soil allowing for a complex array of fruit to work with during harvest. Burgundy in color, this wine has intoxicating aromas of black fruit that softly opens up, allowing for hints of tobacco. Our Russian River Pinot is rich in texture with perfectly balanced acidity and firm, bold tannins. Once it hits your palate it expresses flavors of Bing cherry, rhubarb, and savory spices. The wine finishes elegantly with lingering flavors of cherry and cocoa powder.

Wine Specs

Vintage: 2010

Varietal: Pinot Noir

Appellation: Russian River Valley

Alcohol: 14.4%

About the Winery

A Destination Unrivaled

Fritz Underground Winery is unlike any place you’ve ever visited. A visionary wonder built ahead of its time by namesake Mr. Jay Arthur Fritz in the late 1970’s, this monumental Gaudi style masterpiece represents a viticultural passion for sustainability, quality, and tradition. Today, Jay’s son Clayton runs the winery with the same dedication and enthusiasm to these core values.

A Natural Wonder

Built into the side of a picturesque hill atop the northernmost region of the famed Dry Creek Valley, the Fritz Winery operates with a modern sensibility for efficiency and awareness by utilizing the unique attributes of its subterranean design. Naturally cool temperatures, ideal for wine making and cellaring, are maintained without any use of expensive or carbon-heavy devices common to most modern wine production. What’s more, as a three-tiered structure, we’re able to further cut down on energy usage by capitalizing on the always plentiful presence of gravity. By harnessing gravity to move our juice from the crush pad down to the tanks and barrels, we’re not only saving energy by forgoing pumps, we’re also saving our precious juice from the detrimental effects of excessive pulsation and buffeting. It’s in this way that the delicate nuances present in our Pinot Noir and other prized Estate fruit is maintained and the nurtured by our winemaker Brad Longton.

Quality Starts with Terroir

Jay Fritz’s vision for a winery grounded in responsible stewardship is what has allowed the quality of the natural bounty of our 120+ Estate to thrive over the past thirty years. With a natural spring to supply simple irrigation, redwood groves to provide unique micro-climates, and a soil ideal for prized planting year after year, the Fritz terroir provides for a caliber of wine unrivaled.

A Timeless Perspective

It was Jay Fritz’s fidelity to sustainability and quality that ultimately made the Fritz Winery what it is today. The company’s seamless respect for the vineyards, and the traditions of artisan, hand-crafted wine making continue today as both a testament to the founding and commitment to the future. Today, Clayton Fritz and the rest of the Fritz Winery Family work tirelessly to invigorate the traditions of old with the passion of the future. The results speak for themselves; we invite you to join us in enjoying the bounty of Fritz Underground Winery.

Offer Expired:Feb 19, 2013 at 11:59 pm
Avg. Price
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