Ty Caton Vineyards

2010 Ty's Red

Red Blend

California: Sonoma Valley

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We are just wild about this delicious, lush, vibrant, structured red blend from one of our favorite producers - and longtime friend, Ty Caton. Very highly recommended, this wine is sure to delight any fan of complex, juicy red blends.

Every time we showcase a wine from Ty, we find so much to love. If you are a fan of delicious red wines with a backbone and elegance, you’ll love today’s wine, too.

Ty’s Red is a perfect, balanced blend of 61% Cabernet Sauvignon, 19% Merlot, 18% Syrah, 2% Petite Sirah. A great solo sipper, we recommend pairing this wine with a hearty meal. Grilled meats, spareribs Teriyaki or a roast beef come to mind as a wonderful choice.

Tasting Profile


Very dark, deep and opaque, with dark maroon hues that are perfectly even, from core to edge. Tall, skinny, slow-moving tears hold onto the color of the wine as they move very slowly downward.


Balanced and very lush with equal proportion of fruit, earth and spice. Wild blackberry, baked mixed berry pie, brown baking spice, fresh soil, mollasses and European salt licorice.


Dark and concentrated, with flavors of dark mixed berries, black cherry, subtle baking spice, subtle jasmine black tea, dried fall leaves and black pepper.


Dark and long lingering black fruit and spice. After the wine leaves the palate, a plush chewiness emerges at the corners of the mouth, giving the wine a complex overall feel.


What the Winery Says

This extraordinary red blend is rich and deep in color with savory aromas and dark fruit flavors of blackberries and bing cherries. The soft texture is lush with chewy tannins and finishes with a toasty oak finish with a touch of mocha. Enjoy with your favorite grilled meats.

Wine Specs

Varietals: 61% Cabernet Sauvignon, 19% Merlot, 18% Syrah, 2% Petite Sirah

Farming Practices: Certified sustainable

Winemaker: Ty Caton

Appellation: Sonoma Valley

Alcohol: 14.4%

Production: 1,969 cases

Vintage: 2010

About the Winery

Ty Caton Vineyards is dedicated to creating wines of distinction with an authentic sense of place. Our commitment to excellence begins in the Caton Vineyard, where Ty Caton Vineyards is forging a new definition of quality in winemaking and Actively Seeking Excellence.

Located adjacent to some of the most famed vineyards in California, Ty saw the potential for growing world-class grapes. With vision and persistence, Ty created 40 acres of beautiful hillside vineyards spread out over 107 acres of natural habitat. He attained a deep respect for the vineyards and a passion for grape growing, and decided that he wanted to see the grapes all the way through their journey to the bottle.

Winemaker Ty Caton

Ty Caton sustainably farms all of the grapes used in his Sonoma Valley wine. As one of the few exclusively estate producers in Sonoma Valley, California, Ty personally works with the grapes from soil to glass. He handcrafts his wines in small lots with an acute awareness of the land that enables him to make wines that truly showcase the vineyards.

In 2000, he made his first vintage of wine, mentored by his neighbor and friend, Peter Mathis, Director of Winemaking for Ravenswood. His Sonoma Valley wines were met with immediate critical acclaim that has continued throughout the years.

Ty’s philosophy is that wine is a natural product and should be treated as such. His winemaking uses limited intervention, which allows the wines to speak for themselves and import the true expression of the vineyard. As a Sonoma Valley winemaker and grape grower he strives to produce the ‘wow factor’ by creating wines that are bold, highly extracted and beautifully structured.

Ty believes that blending is an art form and uses master blending techniques to combine different grape varieties and clones to create wines with many layers of complexity in aroma and flavor. By allowing the grapes to show their true character and enhancing it through blending, Ty Caton is forging a new definition of quality in Sonoma Valley winemaking.

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