Dominique Cornin

2010 Pouilly-Fuissé


France: Burgundy

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Mission Briefing


The French Conneciton

Highly recommended for any fan of soft, round, and ultra smooth up front, this wine is harmonious and very balanced with a brace of crisp acidity. Very easy to drink, very elegant and fine.

Elegantly made, hand-crafted wine from Pouilly-Fusee, today’s 2010 Dominique Cornin Pouilly-Fuissé is a terroir-driven and classic white Burgundy.

Fresh, smooth and delicious, this wine encourages the enjoyment of a second big pour - after one finds that their first glass has gone quickly empty!

Pair this versatile and exceptionally food-friendly wine with a roasted rosemary chicken, steamed mussels with a white wine garlic sauce.

Tasting Profile


Pale golden with perfectly even coloration, from core to glinting edge. Spin the wine and tall, fat tears form high up on the glass wall - before falling slowly downward.


Complex and extra delightful on the nose with caramel and vanilla right up front. These are very closely followed by lime flower, light kafir lime, limestone, subtle brioche and lemon zest.


There is a lot of flavor, here, but also very subtle and elegant. This wine delivers finessed flavors of young green fig, citrus zest, flinty minerals, vanillan, caramel, young white peach, almond skin and lime flower.


Long and elegant, clean and crisp with the soft acidity giving great lift to the fruit and earthen flavors present throughout the wine.


What the Winery Says

Be ready to set sail for immediate enjoyment! Dare to be seduced by its golden robe, fresh lemon nose, anise accents and dramatic display of exotic fruit. Created from four plots, each with different qualities, this estate vintage is the epitome of the unique terroir mosaic an appellation is made up of. This wine is bursting with impatience to be enjoyed with a perfect dozen escargots.

Isn’t life grand in Pouilly Fuissé?

About the Winery

Our wines are like siblings. They all share Chardonnay origins- they are similar, yet each has its own personality. Our wines are like you, like me- sometimes reserved or shy, sometimes flirtatious, high-spirited or laughing. They evolve and mature but never lie. They are authentic, in short, alive. Over vintages and time, they unveil their multiple facets. Love them simply for who they are and they will give back tenfold.

Offer Expired:Mar 17, 2013 at 11:59 pm
Avg. Price
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