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2008 Shadrach Chardonnay

Chardonnay •Shadrach Vineyard

California: Sonoma County: Alexander Valley

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Mission Briefing


Heads or Tails

Today’s 2008 Munselle Vineyards Shadrach Chardonnay is crisp, refreshing - and just perfect for your upcoming spring or summer soirées.

When we tasted this wine at our recent tasting panel (every wine that we select is carefully scrutinized by a panel of wine experts from every corner of the wine trade), Agent Red immediately asked the winery for every last bottle in existence. At today’s special price, this wine will go very quickly, so please read our full review to see if this wine is for you.

Born of a lovely vineyard in the verdant Alexander Valley, aged in 100% french oak, and made by the very talented Tim Hardin, today’s wine has all the ingredients of great Chardonnay.

While the wine was aged in oak, some of our panelists assumed that it was stainless steel fermented. This, because the wine is very fresh and very easy-drinking, rather than overly buttery or oaky. Think fresh. Think balance. Think… now!

Tasting Profile


Light golden hues with even coloration from the heart of the wine to the edge of the glass. When swirled, the wine has a dense look, settling quickly.


Very clean and fresh, with delicate citrus blossom, creamed white honey, lemon, light pear and subtle fresh green fig.


Rich and layered with dense flavors of Meyer lemon, honeydew melon, creamed honey, flint and a hint of white pepper.


Very long and flavorful with the fruit tailing off to flint and subtle white pepper.


Enjoy this rich, bright wine with grilled turkey burger loaded up with all the fixings!

What the Winery Says

Technical Information:

Appellation: Alexander Valley

Vineyard Sources: 100% Wasson Vineyards, Coin Flip Ranch – Shadrach Block

Varietal Composition: 100% Chardonnay

Harvest Date: September 2, 2008

Cooperage: 100% French Oak; 30% New

Maturation: 10 months, aged Sur Lie

Alcohol: 14.8%

Malolactic: 100% Complete

Bottling date: July 9th 2009

Production: 368 cases

2008 Shadrach Chardonnay

The grapes selected for our 2008 Shadrach Chardonnay were farmed with the practices required to produce the highest quality Alexander Valley Chardonnay. The season began with shoot thinning, the removal of all double buds and/or secondary shoots. Once cane lengths reached approximately 24 to 36 inches, we lifted the canopy on the northeast side of the vine to increase morning sun exposure and air movement.

Two weeks prior to verasion, we executed the first of three fruit drops. The first was done to reduce the fruit load down to two clusters per shoot. Our second drop took place at approximately 80% verasion. We evaluated all clusters and stripped any that were still green or not yet developing sugar. The final fruit drop was done three days prior to harvest to ensure evenly ripe fruit. On August 2nd , 2008 we harvested almost eight tons to produce our 2008 Shadrach Chardonnay.

This wine displays soft, golden tones with flavors of citrus, pear and guava, and a smooth finish. The 2008 Shadrach Chardonnay is a delightful complement to poultry, pork and seafood dishes, as well as Gruyere, Cambozola, Provolone, and other goat’s milk and cow’s milk cheeses. Enjoy!

Vineyard Details

Block: Shadrach

Year Planted: 1978

Acres: 14.27

Rootstock: AXR-1

Clone: 17, Robert Young

Spacing: 8’x12’

Vines / Acre: 454

Soil Type: Cortina, very gravelly sandy loam

Production: Average Production 5-6 tons / acre

Coin Flip Ranch – Shadrach Block

The Coin Flip Ranch was purchased by our Grandparents, Fred & Ruby Wasson in 1976. Fred & Ruby approached long-time neighbors, the Murphy’s, and proposed a joint purchase of the 100 acre property to split in half. When the sale was complete, Fred and Tim Murphy flipped a coin to determine who would get which half, thus the name Coin Flip Ranch.

In 2007, we again selected premium grapes from the Shadrach block to create our second vintage of Chardonnay. Year after year this 14-acre block continues to reap the most consistent, balanced Chardonnay we produce.

Winemakers and vintners have described the Chardonnay from the Shadrach block as intensely flavorful, balanced, and fruit-forward.

About the Winery

More than 130 years ago, our family arrived in the Alexander Valley with a vision of producing fine wines from the rich soils the Valley has become known for. Shadrach Osborn was the proprietor of Alexander Valley’s first winery, Lone Pine Cellars, and Broder Frellson, the manager and winemaker for the second, simply called Red Winery.

As generations passed, our family stepped away from winemaking to focus their efforts toward cultivation of the land. Their industry varied from farming grapes to dairy cattle, prunes, orchards and, finally, back to grapes in 1972.

Now, five generations later, we’ve come full circle with a return to winemaking. For more than three decades we’ve produced premium grapes that have contributed to a multitude of award-winning and notable wines. With every grape and bottle we produce, we honor the vision of our ancestors, the heritage and hard work of our family.

Winemaker Tim Hardin

Tim’s vision and creativity are inspired by the vineyards, where he spends a large portion of his time during the growing season. Tim works closely with the vineyard crew to ensure only the highest quality grapes are collected and used. Tim’s work, however, does not end in the vineyard. His close attention to the handling of the grapes throughout the production process ensures consistently exceptional wines with a style reminiscent of modern European wines.

Tim leads the handcrafting of our wines, mixing old-world tradition and modern technology to allow for gentler handling of both fruit and wine. Tim’s winemaking philosophy is about pure varietal expression which produces award-winning, balanced wines rich in fruit and deep in character.

Vineyard Notes

Since 1876, our family has farmed in Alexander Valley. We have grown grapes and prunes, raised cattle, and fed our families on the rich soils of this valley. We are proud to call Alexander Valley home for six generations of our family, and look forward to more generations to follow. We know all this is possible only by acting as true stewards of the land we cherish.

Munselle Vineyards is proud to be a Certified California Sustainable Winegrower.

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