Azienda Agricola Bovio Gianfranco

2010 Bovio La Morra Nebbiolo


Italy: Piedmont

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Mission Briefing


Ciao, Bambino!

More friendly and more approachable than your average Barolo, this wine is recommended for everyday enjoyment. This is the wine to drink while you are waiting for that stubborn Barolo to age for another 20 years!

Nebbiolo, or “Nebieul” in Piedmontese, is a red Italian wine grape variety primarily associated with the Piedmont region, from which we enjoy the heavy-hitting, high-dollar Barolo and Barbaresco. These wines, which are made under exacting aging rules, command top dollar with most finer examples selling at around the $80 mark.

Today’s wine is a “Baby Barolo” and sells for far less than its extended-aged big brothers, making this Azienda Agricola Bovio Gianfranco 2010 Bovio La Morra Nebbiolo a fantastic value.

This wine is a major meal sort of wine, so be sure to pair it with something really hearty and delicious.

This highly recommended wine hails from vineyards that were originally planted to Nebbiolo in the 12th century.

Tasting Profile


Dark garnet hues through a slightly opaque heart. At the edge, a thick ring of brickish crimson encircles the glass.


Earthy and lush with smoky cherry, blackberry and plum compote, spiced sweetwood, fresh loamy soil and roasted star anise.


Tart and plush with smoky dark cherry, tobacco, reduced blackberry, dried dark rose petal and subtle cedar bark.


Drying and plush with flavors that fade very slowly.


Enjoy this wine with something complex like a well marbled New York with a sautéed mushroom and fennel sauce.

What the Winery Says

Gianfranco Bovio
With Walter and Fabio Porasso at the helm, the Bovio estate consistently produces classic wines from venerable vineyards in the village of La Morra. Not only are they supreme artisans in their craft, they are close friends and allies of APS (the importer of this wine). The wines of Bovio are exceptional in their precision and consistency in purity and longevity.
Nebbiolo di Langhe
All Annunziata, all delicious. The Annunziata is a belt of land that has had Nebbiolo planted to it since the 12th century. And where is it, you ask? Right between Gattera and Arborina, of course.
La Morra, Piedmont
Filled with large flat stones, the Annunziata region has been associated with Nebbiolo of depth and complexity for decades. Try this one on for size: roses, fresh earth, and cherry pit flavors abound. Drink this while waiting for your Barolo to age.
Vinified first in steel and then on to old barrels.
Tasting Notes
Smoke, tar, cherry and rose notes.

About the Winery

A bit of history :The company was founded in 1976 by ​​bringing forward what was already his father’s company. At the beginning of the property consisted of approximately 3 hectares of vineyards planted with Nebbiolo and Dolcetto.Con the acquisition of new territories, the 10 hectares of land has become in 1983 the commitment was beginning to get bigger tantochè Mr. Bovio assumed, with the job of handyman, Walter Porasso that is still present in the Company as a managing director.

Nowadays the surface vineyard is 20 hectares planted with Nebbiolo, Dolcetto and Barbera.

Offer Expired:May 12, 2013 at 11:59 pm
Avg. Price
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