Famille Sparr

2011 Alsace Pinot Blanc

Pinot Blanc

France: Alsace

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Mission Briefing


The Sun King

Today’s Famile Sparr 2011 Alsace Pinot Blanc is a truly remarkable wine that we simply cannot get enough of!

At first very light on the palate, then the wine settles onto the tongue, becoming voluptuous and round. The wine delivers juicy flavors to the far corners of the mouth, coating the entire palate with… pure joie.

Any fan of Alsatian wines will likely know the Sparr name. It is reported that the famille Sparr has been making wine since the reign of Louis XIV. The Sun King himself likely enjoyed fine Sparr wines. Or so we’d assume.

Very succulent and juicy, drinking this wine is like biting into a ripe pear. A summertime real treat, this wine will really knock your chausettes off!

Tasting Profile


Perfectly even coloration from the very edge of the glass through to the heart. The wine does not show clear edges as some whites tend to do; overall, we would say the wine looks like a viscous Chardonnay.


Earthy and flinty aromas meld with sweet grapefruit, pomello peel, apricot, tangerine, dried yellow hay, clover honey and sweetgrass.


This wine delivers delicious flavors of blood orange, yellow grapefruit, apricot, sweetgrass, lemon curd, lemongrass, flint and Asian pear.


Really dynamic with flavors that evolve on the palate, starting with concentrated fruit that gives the initial illusion of sweetness. This wine is not sweet, though. Rather, flavors evolve into a lovely tartness that fades very slowly into mineral earthiness.


Enjoy this delightful and refreshing wine with a plate of hard cheese and honey. It would be equally delicious with an open face tartine with goat cheese, figs and arugula.

Spicy Thai or Chinese food would also be fantastic.

What the Winery Says

Famille Sparr Pinot Blanc Cuvee Tradition 2011

Tasting Notes
A complex nose with fruity flavors, mostly exotic & citrus fruits. This wine is well bodied, mouth feel, with a beautiful length & a clean finish.
A.O.C Alsace
50% Pinot Blanc-50% Pinot Auxerrois
Clay-Marly & Marly-Chalk
Vineyard’s Location
September 12th to September 18th 2011
Harvest Entire grapes, pressing between 4 to 9 hours, maturing on the lees until spring
Stainless Steel Tanks
Aging Potential
5 years
Total Acidity
6.10 g/l
Residual Sugar
6 g/l
~5,000 cases

About the Winery

The 21st Century SPARR’s Philosophy (in the winery’s own words)

Feeling concerned about the respect of soils and its “terroir” under the influence of a blessed by the Gods microclimate requires a constant reconsideration together with a great humility.

Suit the vine to the “terroir”, give it all adapted treatments with a mastered sustainable viticulture, taking into account the specificity of each vintage, keep us involved every day. These demanding wine-growing methods have become a true philosophy for the SPARR family, conscious of the future’s stakes.

Moved by a fierce determination to express the characteristics of varietal wines or enhance the soul of our “terroirs” in our Grands Crus wines, we first and foremost offer the identity of a region and its Protected Designations of Origin.

This conversion of mineral into vine only can exist with the respect of the organization of the “terroir” life cycle, of a culture and a know-how.

The wines of Charles SPARR give voice to the grape variety, the soils and the vintage they are grown. The vineyard variously expresses itself each year, according to its location, its microclimate and the care of the wine-grower, in order to give birth to each new vintage …

The specificity and the signature of the wines of the SPARR family lie in the will to create authentic wines, each vintage’s special character being purely related to its conception, its vine own expression, its soil and the climate of the year of its growth.

Offer Expired:Jun 09, 2013 at 11:59 pm
Avg. Price
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