Vins Breban

 L'Opale De La Presqu'île De Saint-Tropez


France: Côtes de Provence

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Mission Briefing


The way to Saint-Tropez

We just adore today’s L’Opale De La Presqu’île De Saint-Tropez Côtes de Provence. The Côtes de Provence region, in southeastern France, has been making wine for the last 2600 years. Today, the region is known primarily for producing Rosé wines.

Today’s Rosé is a budget-friendly treat that thrilled our entire tasting panel with its delicious flavors and refreshing feel. One of our panelists, Agent Nebbiolo, said of the wine, “… nothing could be finer than sipping this lovely Rosé as a warm summer breeze washes over you.” We could not agree more!

This beautiful wine is pretty in the glass and lovely on the palate. It is an elegant, flavorful, soft and very refreshing treat that we offer to you with our most hearty recommendation.

Tasting Profile


Gorgeous copper pink with pretty glinting highlights that catch the light when the wine is spun in the glass.


Lovely and fresh with wild strawberry, blood orange, quince, raspberry cordial, dried rose petals and subtle white chalky mineral.


Delicious and bright, starting with juicy flavors of wild strawberry, nectarine, underripe white peach, chalk mineral and a very slight hint of zingy citrus.


An understated and elegant finish, with delicate red currant, ripe ruby red grapefruit, subtle copper and subtle citrus notes.


We envision that this wine could be paired with nearly anything you can imagine. You might try a lovely Waldorf salad or a spinach salad with goat cheese, pecans and blood orange. Poached salmon would also be quite a delight. See what we mean when we say that this wine is flexible?

What the Winery Says

Les Vins Bréban

L’Opale de la Presqu’île de St Tropez, Côtes de Provence
Varietal Composition
50% Grenache, 30% Cinsault, 20% Carignan
Wine Notes
Pale pink in color, with sparkles of gray; a deliciously refined nose of spring flowers; mid-palate, floral notes continue with a hint of lemon; good length on the palate. A fresh, pleasant wine.
Pairing Recommendation
Served at a temperature of 46°F to 50°F, the Presqu’ïle de St Tropez rosé can be enjoyed alone or with everyday meals, including pizza and pasta.
The vinification combines traditional and modern techniques: stripping, pressing, and cool-steeping of the grapes, followed by bleeding of the must and temperature-controlled fermentation (at 64°-68°F) to extract maximum flavor and aroma.
The limestone soil, with limited clay, contains fragments of highly porous gravel, allowing the surface to heat up quickly following the first rays of sunlight. The grapes ripen well, with an optimum balance of sugar and acidity.
30,000 bottles

About the Winery

The House of Breban Wines (“Vins Breban”) has been producing and supplying a wide range of wines of varying styles and aromas to restaurants and retail distributors since 1952. Through its distribution channels, “Vins Breban” brings to market each year more than 50 different wines, over 7 million bottles in total comprised of roses, whites, reds, stills and sparkling wines.

These fine wines of the Provence region are produced from grape varietals raised along the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, from the Sainte-Victoire mountain range in the west to the hinterlands of Haute Provence Alps in the east.

Wines from this region inherit their best characteristics from local soil, wines which are notable for their strong character combined with delicate bouquet. The wines of Provence are often described as colorful, lively, aromatic, fruity, and mischievous in nature.


Attuned to market trends and changing tastes, the House of Vins Breban has a proud tradition of maintaining close relations with its partners, distributors, retail outlets and restaurants. “Vins Breban” is noted for offering wines that meet the demands of even the most discriminating palate. Its vineyards cover more than 2,500 hectares.

Whether marketed either under the aegis of Vins Breban or as simply wines of the Provence region, such wines are distributed throughout France and in over 15 countries around the world.

The House of Vins Breban produces and sells a wide range of products, including: sharp and fruity white wines, fresh and appealing roses, and powerful full-bodied reds. As J.J Bréban, CEO, has said : “These wines are created to bring together family and friends, across generations, to foster an environment that encourages both the young and the young-at-heart to savor moments of togetherness and create fond and lasting memories of the good times.”

Offer Expired:Jun 16, 2013 at 11:59 pm
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