Erba Mountainside Vineyards

2004 Napa Valley Syrah

Syrah •Erba Mountainside Vineyard

Napa Valley: Atlas Peak

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This is another gorgeous wine from our friends at Erba! Their Cabernets have always delighted us, but this perfectly aged 2004 Napa Valley Syrah is something quite spectacular.

This is a perfectly aged Syrah that really rocked our tasting panel. Drinking beautifully now, the wine has the potential to stay strong for several more years.

With flavors and aromas that delight the senses, this big, elegant and juicy wine is loaded with fruit and earthy goodness.

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Tasting Profile


Deep and dark with a slightly opaque heart of dark garnet. At the edges, dark maroon catches the light, adding a shimmering quality to the wine.


Concentrated currant, olallieberry, sweet cherry, smoked sweetwood, tobacco and pie spice all jump from the glass.


Rich and darkly layered with braised plum and mission fig, black cherry, blueberry compote, leather, sweet tobacco and soft spice.


Very long and very elegant, with soft, lingering black fruit and savory flavors that last forever. Flavors are especially persistent at the mid palate.


Enjoy this mouthwatering wine with something equally impressive, like a Bæuf au Poivre (Beef with Peppercorn) made from a filet mignon or a thick t-bone.

What the Winery Says

2004 Erba Mountainside Vineyards Syrah

Planted to all five Bordeaux varietals as well as Syrah, the Erba Mountainside Vineyard team has been blessed with a ‘next to perfect’ setting nestled well above the fog line. The vineyard is a twenty acre parcel consisting of fourteen blocks. Each row receives abundant sunshine through the early morning and mid-day, followed by forgiving Westerly breezes and cooling shade in the afternoon. To put it simply, each acre of Erba Mountainside wines consistently display a dark and richly complex, site specific character that you would only expect from the most seasoned wines. It all begins in that ‘next to perfect’ setting.

Located on the Eastern slope of Atlas Peak, Erba Mountainside Vineyard typically receives early morning and mid afternoon sun. The soils are volcanic and porous enabling the heat to radiate. Cooling breezes typically rush through the mountains at times taking the temperature down 30° F by late afternoon. The temperature change is vital to maintain acid structure in the grapes.
At harvest, clusters are hand picked, destemmed and sorted prior to crushing. Malolactic fermentation is done in barrique. 100% French Oak is used throughout, and 60% new oak is used in this Syrah.
2004 Tasting Notes
The Erba Syrah is fast becoming the rising star of the property. A prodigious wine from the moment it’s poured, this wine displays as array of Rhone Valley attributes, with the dominant fruit forward characteristic of Napa Valley. Bold levels of black cherry, coffee, leather and smoked meat show immediately. It’s the first spin of the glass that unveils a second layer of bittersweet chocolate and cedar. The silky palate offers flavors of the sweet mountain fruit and terroir and that you would expect from collection worthy wines of the Northern Rhone.
Harvest Dates
September 29-October 17, 2004
100% French, 60% New
Total Production
354 cases
Clonal Selection
100% Syrah from clones 877, 470, and 174.

About the Winery

In 1998, after two years in searching for a site that could be developed into a premium,world class vineyard, the goal was finally achieved. Erba Mountainside Vineyards possesses the attributes for a unique terroir with features of steep slopes at high elevations of 1100 to 1550 feet above sea level with very rocky volcanic soils.

The vineyard has a unique microclimate next to Atlas Peak. It is above the morning fog which allows abundant sunshine throughout the day to ripen the grapes fully. Cooling westerly breezes come over the mountain midday and in the late afternoon the mountain ridge shades the hot afternoon sun.

The vineyard was developed into 14 blocks with a total of 20 acres planted. Each block has varying row direction and slope and therefore each block is harvested separately for optimum ripeness. Tight vineyard spacing was used to give the vines more competition to improve grape quality. Rootstock and varietal recommendations from Paul Skinner, PhD, matched the soil to the rootstock to keep vigor low and balanced. With much research the highest quality, low yielding clones were chosen, including many of the ENTAV-INRA clones from France. All five Bordeaux varieties, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot and Malbec, as well as Syrah were planted. Cabernet Sauvignon accounts for approximately 70% of the vineyard plantings, and all wines are made from the estate grapes.

Winemaker Luc Morlet

Luc Morlet is a Masters graduate of Enology from Rheims University, France and holds a Viticulture degree from Ecole Viticole de Champagne. His viticultural and winemaking knowledge was furthered by technical tours of the European wine regions of Italy, Spain, Germany and the French areas of Alsace, Cognac, Rhône and Loire Valley.

Upon completion of graduate school, Luc’s first full time position was as the Assistant-Winemaker for the Val d’Or Champagne Cellars. In 1993, he replaced the Winemaker at a French subsidiary in St Helena, which allowed him to discover Napa Valley and Sonoma County’s unique viticultural conditions. In 1994, Luc became the ‘Régisseur’ at Château Dauzac, a classified Margaux growth, and perfected his skills making Bordeaux style wines, under the guidance of consultant Jacques Boissenot.

Newton Vineyard of Napa Valley hired Luc as Director of Viticulture and Enology in 1996. While there he crafted the highly rated and famous “Chardonnay Unfiltered” wine(1996 through 2000). He has also been Winemaker for the Staglin family of the famous Rutherford Bench at the heart of the Napa Valley.

In spring 2001, Luc joined the Peter Michael Winery of Knights Valley as Winemaker. His technical leadership helped the Peter Michael Winery to improve upon its already acclaimed wines. In order to insure the continuity of style, Luc still remains involved with Peter Michael Winery as Consulting Winemaker, advising his brother Nicolas Morlet who succeeded him as Winemaker in January of 2006.

Luc describes his winemaking philosophy as a non-interventionist winemaking style driven by an ongoing search for quality improvement.

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