Staplehead Winery

 Sangria Blanco

White Blend


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Mission Briefing


Makes me wanna dance...

**Warning**: This is a very dangerous wine! At our recent tasting, Agent Red declared, “No matter how much I beg, don’t pour me any more.”

Staplehead winery achieved perfect balance in this sangria. They could have made it sweeter, but they found a delightful balance by crafting a refreshing, light-alcohol wine that’s lightweight on the palate, juicy and very easy to drink. It is a wine that is guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

Serve very well-chilled, all on its own, or try adding fresh fruit and/or fresh berries. At our next company BBQ, we’ll even try this wine with some ice chips and a splash of soda.

Very versatile and very food-flexible, this fun, budget-friendly gets our very happy recommendation.

Important Note: This is a lightly sweet wine, not a sweet wine. The Chenin Blanc gives the wine perfect balance and just the right amount of brightness.

Tasting Profile


Light copper hues with shimmery edges that catch the light when you swirl the wine.


Sweet and happy aromas jump out of the glass to greet you on the nose. Honeysuckle, kiwi, apricot, lime, ripe pear and orange blossom combine in perfect harmony.


Delightful and fun on the palate, with flavors that are not too sweet. Flavors of peach, nectarine, orange blossom, red delicious apple, lychee and very subtle butterscotch.


Sweet and refreshing, with each sip making you yearn for more.


The pairing for today’s wine goes right inside the glass! A couple of blackberries, peach slices or nectarines would be simply divine. Pour some Perrier into the glass and add an ice cube if you are feeling really adventurous.

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Offer Expired:Jul 14, 2013 at 11:59 pm
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