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2010 MacAllister Vineyard Red

Red Blend •MacAllister Vineyard

California: Sonoma County: Sonoma Valley

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Mission Briefing


What's in a name?

We offer you today’s wine with our boldest recommendation - but be warned, quantity of this incredible wine is limited and we will run out before midnight (Pacific).

From winemaking legend Robert L. Pepi, today’s Eponymous 2010 MacAllister Vineyard Red is a wonderful delight. A veteran of over 40 harvests, Robert grew up in the wine trade. In the 1990s, his family-owned winery sold to Jackson Family wines and became the iconic Cardinale Estate.

Bob understands the power of place and he brings this understanding to bear with his own Eponymous label. His MacAllister vineyard produces extraordinary fruit for his equally extraordinary wines.

Very elegant and very flavorful, it is very difficult to find any flaws with this wine. If anything, we only wish that the bottles were larger!

Tasting Profile


Very deep and foreboding, with hues that seem to shift, depending upon the light. Viewed in sunlight, gorgeous ruby pervades. In room lighting, the wine shows more purple.


Lush and very fragrant, with heady aromas of dark fruit and soft spice. Dark cherry, dusty blackberry wrap around sweet tobacco, chocolate covered cherry, dusty dried rose, plum and subtle savory dried sage and rosemary.


Dark and elegant with balanced flavors of dark raspberry, dark strawberry are followed by dusty dark cocoa powder, dry bramble, dried cherry, violet tea and subtle smoked meats.


Ultra long and packed with fruit flavors that tail off very slowly, replaced by earthy elements and dusty chocolate.


Dry Provençale herb-rubbed spareribs would be a real delight with this wonderful wine.

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Offer Expired:Aug 29, 2013 at 11:59 pm
Avg. Price
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