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2010 Purety

White Blend

California: Napa Valley

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Mission Briefing


Purest Expression

Mitch Cosentino never fails to delight us with his creations. Today’s PureCru 2010 Purety is a lush and lively white blend that over-delivers. Especially at our delightfully low price!

With wonderful balance, bright aromatics and enough flavor to make the wine very interesting, this is a white blend that’ll have your guests thoroughly impressed. Even the heavy glass bottle screams high-end.

Mouthwatering and velvety on the palate, this wine really begins to shine - and soften -when enjoyed at a temperature that is somewhere between chilled and room-temp.

If you love complex but still incredibly delicious whites, this is one that we offer to you with our fullest recommendation.

Tasting Profile


Glinting golden yellow with perfect clarity from core to edge.


Bright and fragrant with balanced citrus and floral aromas. Out in front, lively and fresh Kaffir lime, lime flower and lemongrass. These are closely followed by subtle notes of hazelnut and toasty vanilla.


Bright and very smooth, the wine presents a cascade of silky flavors that perfectly mimic the nose.


Long, soft and lingering with a mouthwatering brightness that carries flavors out to the very end.


Enjoy this very food-friendly and flexible wine with a wide variety of foods, including seafood, fruits and cheeses - or even a spicy pollo asada!

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Offer Expired:Sep 24, 2013 at 11:59 pm
Avg. Price
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