Random Ridge

2011 Olas Sauvignon Blanc/Semillon Sonoma Blend

White Blend

California: Sonoma County: Sonoma Valley

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Mission Briefing


Catch the wave

For the last 6 years, we’ve enjoyed a very special relationship with Random Ridge Winery and surfer-poet winemaker Bill Hawley. We just love Bill’s wines - and Bill’s not so bad, himself. In fact, Bill is rather a fascinating man who imparts his own character into each wine that he crafts.

In all of the Random Ridge wines that we’ve showcased, we’ve rarely had the pleasure to show a Random Ridge white wine. Today we have the privilege of bringing you Bill’s 2011 Random Ridge Olas White Blend, a crisp, brightly delicious wine that is summertime perfection.

Enjoy this very food friendly wine with a wide range of foods and be sure to enjoy the wine at a wide range of temperatures as well. Fresh out of the chiller, the wine is as fresh as a spring breeze. As it warms, it reveals added depth on the nose and on the palate.

Tasting Profile


Light straw yellow with perfectly even coloration from the core of the wine out to the meniscus.


Lively and bright on the nose, this wine leads with lemon zest and tropical notes of pineapple and green papaya. As the wine warms, subtle aromas of caramel and toasty sweetwoods reveal themselves.


Very soft on the palate, especially as the wine warms, with Meyer lemon, green fig, green melon, orange rind and green papaya spreading to the far corners of the palate.


Juicy and medium long, with pronounced citrus that persists longest at the back of the palate.


We enjoyed our sample bottles with an unusual pairing of veggie pizza with green peppers, mushroom and pineapple. It was fantastic. A baked whitefish or a summer citrus salad would also be quite wonderful with this food-friendly marvel.

What the Winery Says

Bill Hawley
Sonoma Valley, Sonoma County, California
Fruit Blend
78% Sauvignon Blanc, 22% Semillon

About the Winery

Offer Expired:Feb 24, 2014 at 11:59 pm
Avg. Price
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