Jessie's Grove

2011 Westwind Old Vine Zinfandel


California: Lodi-Woodbridge

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Mission Briefing


Better with age

Today’s Jessie’s Grove 2011 Westwind Old Vine Zinfandel is mouthwateringly delicious, and one we can’t wait to present to our Operatives. Zin lovers, buckle up - this wine will blow you away!

Today’s wine comes from a small, boutique winery located in Lodi, California. The winemaker used only the best fruit from their 138 year old vines, and that choice clearly shows through in this Zin. Lacking the usual dustiness for which Lodi Zins are sometimes known, this wine is instead loaded with dark fruit and subtle spice. This wine is lush and expressive, and the longer you spend with it, the more you’ll enjoy its complex layers of flavor.

We would recommend this wine at any price, but at over 25% off, this is one you must stock up on!

Tasting Profile


Deep purple red in the heart of the glass, with a slightly lighter red ring at the very edge.


Lush aromas of fruit, cola, and sweet earth, with strawberry, raspberry, sweet tobacco leaf, cherry cola, dark baking spice, and a touch of an herbal undertone.


Juicy and packed with flavor, with fresh fruit notes of red cherry and strawberry mingling with candied cherry, sweet earth, berry bramble, white pepper, sandalwood, and a touch of rosemary.


Mouthwateringly delicious, the finish is well structured, with a lovely grip from velvety tannins. At the very end, a touch of subtle smokiness remains on the edge of the tongue.


A perfectly grilled burger, served with sun dried tomato pesto, mozzarella, fresh arugula, and a buttered brioche bun.

What the Winery Says

This gnarly Zinfandel is named for our spirited Quarter Horse, Westwind. It is produced from World War II era vines planted by Jessie over 60 years ago. Our Westwind Zinfandel vines have a lot of personality, one parcel gives off round fruit flavors, the second—rich deep spice notes. Blended together, and you get an amazingly balanced wine of tannins, anise, and bramble fruits.

99 Point Review - Master Sommelier Catherine Fallis Wines with this much alcohol, 15.5%, can easily overpower the palate, but not this saucy, sultry old-vine Zin. With notes of black forest cake, nutella, chocolate mousse, chocolate-covered cherry, blackberries so ripe they are dripping their juices, mulberry, ollalieberry, fig paste, kirschwasser, framboise, dried leaves, cinnamon, braised meats, and savory turmeric, this wine intrigues, dazzles, and delights the palate. It is ripe, bold, decadent, juicy, vibrant, and exquisitely balanced, and it has an extremely long, flavorful finish.

Greg Burns
99 Points - Master Sommelier Catherine Fallis
Lodi, California
Fruit Variety
100% Zinfandel

About the Winery

Joseph Spenker arrived in Stockton in 1868 with 27¢ in his pocket. Ten years later he owned over 1500 acres of some of the best ground in the Central Valley including the Ranch now called Jessie’s Grove.

In 1870 he went to a wedding in Stockton where met a beautiful girl, Anna Schlieman, and married her the next day. They had two children, Jessie and Otto, who grew up in the home Joseph built for his family in 1906.

Joseph planted his first vineyard in 1888 – adding more acres in subsequent years. Many of these vines remain in production today and produce some of our most prized wine.

In the late 40′s and 50′s Jessie rejected all ideas of changing the Oak Grove. The grand Christian Lady who experienced two world wars, witnessed women gain the right to vote, held out a helping hand and managed three large ranches, died in 1952. Jessie was seventy seven years old. Jessie patterned her life in her father’s noble footsteps. Jessie was a true pioneer lady of the San Joaquin Valley.

Offer Expired:Mar 21, 2014 at 11:59 pm
Avg. Price
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