Pat Paulsen Vineyards

2010 North Coast Reserve Red Blend

Red Blend

California: North Coast

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Mission Briefing


The Jester

Today’s Pat Paulsen Vineyards 2010 North Coast Reserve Red Blend hails from one of the most successful celebrity wineries in all of California. Pat Paulsen, a founding member of the American Pantheon of comedy and satire, also knew a thing or two about making outstanding wine.

Founded in 1971, Pat’s vineyards were known for exceptional wines with a clever comedic twist. Playing on his long history of political satire, Pat was well known for producing wines such as White House White and American Gothic Red. This legacy is continued today through his son Monty, who owns and operates the vineyard.

Bright and well balanced, this Red Blend - which is actually 100% Cab grapes - is a nearly perfect companion to any meal prepared on the grill. Flavors of black cherry, cedar wood, and milk chocolate are paired with a fantastic structure and smooth entry to create an incredibly well rounded and delicious wine.

We give this wine our heartiest recommendation, and at nearly 50% off, suggest you buy enough to last through the summer grilling season!

Tasting Profile


Deepest garnet at the center of the glass, slowly transitioning into a lighter ruby rim.


Bright and aromatic, with fresh dark fruit flavors of black cherry, sweet plum, and raspberry, trailed by sweet tobacco leaf, fresh berry bramble, and subtle baking spices.


Braised dark cherry and blackberry lead the way on this well balanced wine. The fruit notes are paired with hints of cedar wood cigar box, toasted spice oak, herbal black tea, milk chocolate, and a touch of blueberry.


Very smooth on entry, this is a very well balanced, easily approachable wine. As the well-structured finish fades, you’re left with a delightful puckering at the tip of the tongue.


A grilled burger, loaded with Swiss cheese, mushrooms, and plenty of fresh veggies, served on a sourdough bun.

What the Winery Says

Montgomery Paulsen
North Coast, California
Fruit Variety
100% Cabernet Sauvignon

About the Winery

Offer Expired:Apr 06, 2014 at 11:59 pm
Avg. Price
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