Recanati Winery

2012 Galilee Rose


Israel: Galilee/Galil

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Mission Briefing


A Desert Jewel

Offerings like today’s are exactly why we call ourselves The Wine Spies. In our ongoing mission to find only the best wines for our Operatives, no winery or region is too small or far off for us. Today’s delicious Recanati Winery 2012 Galilee Rose was the absolute standout from our latest international mission.

Israeli wines typically have a rustic, earthy quality that we’ve felt hasn’t quite matched the tastes and palates of our Operatives. What’s fantastic about today’s Rosé is the balance of these rustic qualities with sweet and savory notes that any wine drinker would love. Complex and expressive, and packaged in one of the coolest bottles we’ve come across, this wine has a wonderful interplay of sweet fruit, earth, and spice. One of the highlights of the wine for us, unlike many Rosés, this one has enough depth to stand up well to a wide variety of foods.

If you love a refreshing Rosé, we highly recommend today’s budget friendly offering. Be sure to stock up on enough to last you through summer!

Tasting Profile


A dusty, cherry red throughout the glass.


A lovely combination of Bing cherry, dried figs, freshly fallen leaves, lavender, nutmeg, and touches of vanilla.


Very similar to the nose, with plenty of bright red cherry, sweet plum, and fresh strawberry, followed by berry bramble, lavender petals, and hints of anise and clove.


Not a quick sipper, this rose can stand up well to a meal. The finish is long, with nice acidity and crispness and lingering notes of fresh fruit and flower petals.


Great with your Passover Seder, this would be a perfect pairing for a wide variety of foods.

What the Winery Says

Fruity, crisp and full of life, this wine is made from Barbera and Merlot grapes. Its aroma abounds with shades of fresh strawberry, white peach and tropical fruit.

The wine was produced from grapes grown in a single vineyard at Manara in the Upper Galilee. At an elevation of 800 meters above sea level, This beautifully nurtured vineyard benefits from a chilly climate typical to the region as well as extreme differences in day and night temperatures, which greatly contributes to obtain grapes with features that are ideal for creating this fine wine.

Gil Shatsberg
Upper Galilee, Israel
Fruit Variety
70% Barbera, 30% Merlot
Single Vineyard
Vineyard Elevation
Over 2,500 feet

About the Winery

The Recanati Winery was founded in 2000 by a group of wine lovers led by Lenny Recanati. Their goal was to create a new winery for the production of quality Israeli wines at reasonable consumer prices.

The Winery established its home in the Hefer Valley and is furnished with state-of the-art wine-making equipment.

The most important requirement in the production of quality wines is always the quality of the grapes. Dr. Pini Sarig, an international vine growing expert, was instrumental in assisting the winery in locating excellent vineyards as well as plots of land with vine-growing potential, where new vineyards were planted. Most of the vineyards from which the winery receives it grapes are in the Manara and Kerem Ben-Zimra regions in the Upper Galilee, a high region with an ideal climate for the cultivation of quality wine grapes. Additional growing areas are the Ella Valley and the Lower Galilee, which have a warmer climate that is conducive to producing the different grape varieties that provide additional nuances to our wines.

Offer Expired:Mar 26, 2014 at 11:59 pm
Avg. Price
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