Deerfield Ranch

2009 @Cabernet Sonoma County Reserve

Cabernet Sauvignon

California: Sonoma County

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Mission Briefing


Take THAT, Tax Man!

We wanted to give our Operatives a little relief on Tax Day, and WOW, did we find a wallet-friendly gem. Today’s Deerfield Ranch Winery 2009 @Cabernet Sonoma County Reserve drinks like a $50+ Napa Cab, but at just $22.99, you won’t have to worry about dipping into that refund for this one!

Today’s wine comes from Operative (and Agent!) favorite Deerfield Ranch. We have consistently been blown away by their wines, and today’s Cab is most certainly no different. Full of rich dark fruit, sweet terroir, and subtle dark spice, today’s wine had us eagerly reaching for more. A few members of our tasting panel were absolutely shocked that such a fantastic wine was available for under $25.

We can’t recommend today’s outstanding Cab any more highly. And, with this Cab at a stunning 45% off, I can think of quite a few Agents who can’t wait to take advantage of this deal!

Tasting Profile


Inky scarlet at the heart of the glass, with a very slight hint of lighter red at the edge of the glass.


Rich and lush on the nose (reminiscent of higher priced Napa Cabs), with black cherry, roasted plum, and hints of dried Mission fig laid atop pipe tobacco, soft leather, sweet oak, creme brûlée, and fresh berry bramble.


Great depth and concentration on the palate, with a stewed compote of sweet cherry, plum, and blackberry mingling with coffee bean, saddle leather, brown tobacco leaf, dark baking spices, and a touch of black peppercorn.


Wonderfully luxurious and incredibly smooth on entry with flavors that beautifully coat the mouth. The mouthfeel is very reminiscent of higher priced Cabernets.


Grilled skirt steak fajitas served with plenty of fresh veggies, pico de gallo, and homemade guacamole.

What the Winery Says

The highest quality of select grapes within Sonoma Valley are paired with the best French and American oak barrels to create this delicious 2009 @cabernet Reserve. These grapes are from exceptional lots and are fermented and barrel aged separately. Based on the winemaker’s taste, the best tasting barrels are chosen for the blend. After blending, the wine goes back in the barrel for additional aging. 2009 @cabernet Reserve is a scrumptious bottle of wine to be enjoyed with any meal.

‘Best Of Class’, 2013 Cabernet Shootout, Treasure Island, San Francisco
‘Bronze Medal’, 2013 Next Generation Wine Competition
Robert Rex
Sonoma Valley, Sonoma County, California
Aged in French and American oak
79% Cabernet Sauvignon
18% Merlot
3% Cabernet Franc
Residual Sugar
0.068% (considered dry)
38 months
60% French and 40% American oak
636 cases
May 25, 2012

About the Winery

Deerfield Ranch Winery, in Kenwood, the heart of Sonoma Valley, is an award winning, certified organic producer, crafting 15,000 cases annually. Winemaker Robert Rex, associate winemaker, Cecilia Valdivia and their team, make small lots of handcrafted wine from more than 26 carefully selected vineyards in Sonoma County.

Specializing in blended wines, Deerfield is at the forefront of this modern, yet traditionally based style and on the cutting edge of California winemaking techniques.

Deerfield wines are renowned for their brilliant colors, rich and wonderfully complex flavors and a long finish. They tend to be fruit forward, with gentle tannins and low acid. The wines are crafted to appeal to the new, younger wine drinker while exhibiting complexity and depth that a studied connoisseur will recognize and enjoy.

Winemaker Robert Rex

Robert Rex is a “Renaissance man” possessing a great palate and an exceptional talent for winemaking. He is a chemist, graphic designer, woodworker, and an accomplished gourmet cook.

Robert’s winemaking style has its roots in the great French wines of Bordeaux and Burgundy. He believes that the blending of attributes creates the best wines. Grapes from complementary soil types and microclimates are often married to maximize varietal characteristics and complexity.

Blends can be of different varietals, grapes from varied appellations, distinct sections of one vineyard or from wines made from the same source but by varied techniques. Robert says that wine making is more like cooking than chemistry – and he makes wine like great chefs create great cuisine.

With the harvest of 2015, Robert celebrates 43 consecutive years of winemaking. Robert is consulting winemaker for several small wineries that make their wine at Deerfield. He teaches hands-on winemaking there too, several of his students have started their own wineries and attained their own renown.

Clean Wine

At Deerfield Ranch Winery, we triple hand-sort all of our grapes to remove anything you wouldn’t feed to a baby. This reduces the toxins and bacteria. We keep a clean fermentation environment, and monitor the yeast for stress. As the yeast multiply rapidly we regularly feed them organic yeast food and supply them with oxygen to keep them growing happily.

Histamines are produced during the fermentation process by an interaction of the yeast and bacteria. By reducing bacteria in the fermenter Deerfield reduces the source of unwanted histamine production. The result is a cleaner wine, low in histamines and sulfites.

The FDA determined that about one percent of the population is allergic to sulfites and so required the “Contains Sulfites” label on wine. We make wine with very low levels of sulfite because elevated levels of sulfite may cause an allergic reaction.

Those who get headaches and have reactions to most wines can usually drink Deerfield wine.

Offer Expired:Apr 15, 2014 at 11:59 pm
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