Della Costa Family Vineyards

2010 Dancing Lady Old Vine Zinfandel


California: Alexander Valley

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Mission Briefing


The chemistry of happiness

George Bernard Shaw said that “Dancing is a perpendicular expression of a horizontal desire”. We wonder, was he under the influence of a premonition about today’s wine when he wrote that?

Today’s Della Costa Family Vineyards 2010 Dancing Lady Old Vine Zinfandel is the best Zin that we’ve reviewed so far this year. That’s high praise, as we’ve already reviewed several.

This delectable wine is richly layered with juicy fruit flavors that sit lovingly atop balanced earthen and subtle spice characteristics. Enjoy this wine all on its own or with a variety of food pairings. Just be sure to put down your glass - before the wine inspires your feet to a dance of Zin-fueled joy.

Tasting Profile


Almost magenta in the center (dark and deep with just a little bit of translucence to it) with a full magenta at the rim.


Dense and slightly sweet with cherry cordial, sweet plum, cherry tobacco leaf, vanilla bean, marionberry, and hints of mace and other exotic spices.


Extracted and concentrated with dark cherry, blackberry pie, dusty bramble, dried violets and subtle brown spice. Black pepper adds a lively punctuation at the tail end.


Smooth and very elegant, this is a pleasant and easy drinking wine. The finish is long and lovely, with just a touch of white pepper at the very tail end.


A hearty meal of beef bourguignon, served with pearl onions and fresh mushrooms.

What the Winery Says

In 2005, we began Dancing Lady Wines. The wine that we produce today is made from the original Zinfandel vines planted over 100 years ago. These original old vines continue to yield the highest quality grapes in the area. Our current winemaker, Gia, follows in her grandfather’s footsteps and is proud to continue the family tradition. Dancing Lady Wines is the result of our love for family, heritage, and land as we continue a family legacy started so many years ago.

Our 2010 Old Vine Zinfandel is an elegant vintage, full bodied with great cellar potential. The wine is full of dark fruit aromas, balanced tannins, and a white pepper finish.

92 Point Review - Master Somm Fallis Don’t let the pretty raspberry, peach, sage notes on the nose fool you. This is a full-throttle, intense Zin with a chock-a-block palate - dark chocolate-covered cherries, raspberry, banana, mocha, espresso, dill, Sambuca, and rum raisin ice cream. The finish is pithy and refreshing.

Gia Passalacqua
92 Points - Master Somm Catherine Fallis
Alexander Valley, Sonoma County, California
Case Production
350 cases produced

About the Winery

Shortly after the Civil War, our great-grandfather, Francesco Passalacqua, arrived in California from San Lorenzo della Costa, Italy. Like many Italian immigrants during this time, Francesco settled in Sonoma County hoping to achieve the American Dream. He financially supported himself by selling produce from a vegetable wagon. By 1896, Francesco had earned enough money to purchase a ranch in Alexander Valley for the cost of ten gold coins. Francesco and his son, Emil, our grandfather, planted Zinfandel grapes on this ranch. Emil used the grapes from those vines to make wine at the then family owned Fitch Mountain Winery and Oliveto Winery.

Emil owned and managed this ranch. He married Camille Young, and they raised their children on this land. Today, Emil’s son and our father, Fred, oversees the day-to-day operations of the vineyard. Under Fred’s owndership and management, the vineyard now includes varietals such as Merlot, Syrah, trellis Zinfandel, as well as the original Old Vine Zinfandel.

Offer Expired:Apr 05, 2014 at 11:59 pm
Avg. Price
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