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2009 Maroon Napa Valley Zinfandel


California: Napa Valley: Chiles Valley

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Mission Briefing


Maroon Cocoon

Maroon Wines is back. This time with a fantastic treat that you should not even try to resist.

Grown on 50 year old vines in Napa Valley’s Chiles Valley AVA, today’s 2009 Maroon Wines Napa Valley Zinfandel is a silky, elegant, dark and delicious wine that our entire tasting panel just adored. If you’ve never tasted a Napa Valley Zin - or any wine from the distinctive Chiles Valley AVA, you are in for a real treat.

At today’s 40% off price, this wonderful (ultra QPR) wine may not last the day.

Tasting Profile


Dark ruby red hues with even coloration from core to edge.


Savory and rich, with compote of plum, blackberry, black cherry and cassis out in front. Sage, mild carpaccio, leather and molasses follow.


Grilled stone fruit, pomegranate black tea, blackberry compote, cassis and black cherry mingle with summer forest floor, cocoa dust and dried mushroom.


Long and lingering with fruits that fade to subtle smoky plum and lapsang souchong black tea.


A lovely, fresh ratatouille - optionally served with Moroccan-spiced beef skewers.

What the Winery Says

Picked from 50 year old head-trained vines, our Zinfandel is rich and spicy. Aging in Hungarian oak barrels compliments the blackberries, cloves and black pepper, resulting in a full bodied and silky textured wine.

Chiles Valley is nestled in the Vaca Mountains on the northeast side of Napa Valley. The terroir is unique, as cooling bay breezes which affect the Napa Valley floor do not reach as far inland as Chiles Valley, making the climate more continental than maritime. Perfect for growing Zinfandel!

Paul Maroon
502 Cases
100% Napa Valley, 100% Chiles Valley

About the Winery

Maroon Wines was founded by Paul Maroon in 2008. The focus of Maroon is usually on single varietal, single vineyard wines and their philosophy is to introduce as little winemaking manipulation as possible from the vineyard to the bottle.

Along with their “estate” vineyard, Maroon sources from a variety of premium vineyards in the valley and hand crafts a number of very small production wines from vineyard sources that may change from year to year. These wines are often only made available to their wine club and a select few others, like The Wine Spies.

The focus of Maroon is usually on single varietal, single vineyard wines. Winemaker Paul Maroon’s philosophy is to introduce as little winemaking manipulation as possible from the vineyard to the bottle.

Winemaker Paul Maroon

Paul Maroon became interested in winemaking over 40 years ago while as a young man helping his uncle make wine in Pennsylvania. After earning a college degree on the East Coast he came to California for his MBA. In the back of his mind he always knew that, for him, Napa Valley was the place to be.

Paul visited as often as possible throughout the years and finally, in 2000, looking to return to this agricultural roots, he realized his dream and relocated to the Napa Valley. He purchased property just north of the city of Napa and there he began his life as a vintner and has been growing grapes and making fine wines ever since.

For ten years Paul had a lucrative contract with Joseph Phelps to sell them the Cabernet Sauvignon from his Coombsville vineyard. These grapes were used in their Insignia blend. Before the contract ended, Paul made under two barrels of wine for himself and realized the quality of fruit his vineyard could achieve as a single varietal, single vineyard wine. As a result, his first commercial vintage of Maroon Wines came two years later in 2008.

Offer Expired:Apr 18, 2014 at 11:59 pm
Avg. Price
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