Spelletich Cellars

2011 3 Spells Chardonnay


California: Lodi-Woodbridge

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Mission Briefing


Porch Pounder

Today’s Spelletich Cellars 2011 3 Spells Chardonnay fits into a very important slot in every serious wine drinker’s cellar - the porch pounder.

Today’s wine is delicious, easily approachable, and has just enough acid to make it the perfect refresher on a hot summer’s day. Delightfully crisp notes of Meyer lemon and vanilla bean almost beg you to enjoy a second sip (or bottle - we won’t tell!)

The Spelletich family is one of our favorites here at TWS. We always appreciate their honest and unpretentious wines, and bet you will too!

Tasting Profile


A super pale, nearly straw yellow.


Bright aromatics of Meyer lemon, white peach, and pineapple are joined by a touch of sweet vanilla, white flower petal, and lime flower.


Clean and crisp flavors of Meyer lemon, lime flower, and honeydew melon mingled with orange oil, vanilla, a hint of brioche, and white herbal tea.


Refreshing and super approachable, this wine has a touch of bright acidity and slight creaminess.


Best paired with your next picnic basket!

What the Winery Says

A veritable fruit bowl of citrus leaps out of the glass. But more specifically, what we have here is key-lime pie, guava and pineapple with a touch of vanilla and wet-stone minerality. In the front of the palate we have sweet, bright lemon-lime that is quickly followed up with a goodly amount of crisp acidity and then finishes in palate-cleansing dryness. This wine would be perfect with spicy ceviche or Middle Eastern salads baba ganoush and tabouli.

Barb Spelletich
Lodi, California
Fruit Variety
100% Chardonnay
Case Production
300 Cases Produced

About the Winery

Spelletich Cellars, started in 1994, produces about 3,000 cases per year made from grapes sourced from some of the finest Napa Valley vineyards. This winery is truly family owned and operated by husband and wife team of Timothy and Barb Spelletich, and daughter Kristen. Timothy and Barb’s individual experiences in Europe, interests in wine, food, cooking and entrepreneurial drive, generate an awesome team of artistry and hard work. The combination of wine industry preparation and lifelong passion is what united them in the heart of Napa Valley. With minimal intervention, the Spelletich family relies upon its secret weapon: Barb’s palate.

Winemaker Barbara Spelletich

Barb arrived in Napa Valley in 1992 and started working for St. Clement Vineyards, then worked for St. Michelle Winery and G. Raden & Sons. She established her own distributorship, Zephyr Imports in Seattle, WA.

Barb Spelletich is a confident, accomplished winemaker, who makes fine wine. On blending Barb explains: “Making wine is the same as cooking - you are looking for the balance, the nuances, and I predominantly focus on the smells and flavors. My focus is fruit. The wine must smell and taste like the fruit from which it is made. Wood and age add nuances.” It is her philosophy to hold back some of her wine for five years in the manner of some of the finer French producers.

Barb focuses on three basic, yet critical principles: when to harvest, when to press and when to pull the wine off the oak to pursue something larger and more elusive than your ordinary wines. Spelletich’s approach is to produce wines of integrity; that are rich, ripe and refreshing. Barbs focus is the fruit. She wants one to taste real fruit flavors and smell the incredible aromas of her wines.

Offer Expired:Jun 05, 2014 at 11:59 pm
Avg. Price
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