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2011 Single Vineyard Teldeschi Zinfandel

Zinfandel •Teldeschi Vineyard

California: Sonoma County: Dry Creek Valley

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Primo Maschio

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Today’s Ravenswood Winery 2011 Single Vineyard Teldeschi Zinfandel is a stunning wine that we just couldn’t wait to bring to you. Full of bold and juicy fruit flavors, this is Zin taken to its zenith.

We’ve had a chance to bring you a few successive vintages of Ravenswood’s Single Vineyard Zinfandel in the past, and while we loved those wines, there is something truly special about today’s Zin. Bold without being overpowering, today’s wine is jam packed with flavor but shows an elegance that kept us coming back for more.

Please don’t wait to take the plunge on today’s wine. It won’t last the day!

Tasting Profile


Deep, dark scarlet in the heart of the glass, with a pretty pink ring around the edge.


Luscious aromas abound in this wine, with deep black cherry and blackberry framed against notes of fresh berry bramble, dried red currant, vanilla bean, dark roasted coffee bean, and a touch of gravelly minerality.


Bold without being overbearing, this is stunner of a Zinfandel. Rich, concentrated notes of black cherry, mulberry, and subtle raspberry are the first flavors to present themselves. These are joined by smoky sandalwood, briar patch, mocha, black peppercorn, a touch of dried rose petal, and a final echo of soft caramel.


Long and lasting, with a luxuriously silken mouthfeel, the finish features soft velvety tannins and juicy fruit flavors that linger and linger.


Herb encrusted pork chops, served with a dollop of balsamic-glazed sweet onions on top.

What the Winery Says

Teldeschi Zinfandel’s powerful aromas of black cherries, coffee, caramel, and vanilla as well as other sweet dark fruit scents, combine to create the classic character of a great Dry Creek Benchland Zinfandel. Rich flavors of sweet cherry liqueur, vanilla, and smoke lead to a ripe, dense, long, moderately astringent, and bright fruit finish.

94 Point Review - Connoisseurs’ Guide Ravenswood takes its accustomed place at the head of the class with its collection of single-vineyard offerings from 2011, and, among the many of a very good lot, the Teldeschi bottling wins top honors once again. Leading with a sweetly perfumed nose of dark berries and briar with highlights of stony soil lending it a singular complexity all its own, the wine comes across as serious and even somewhat brooding on the palate, and, while fairly sturdy, it is never severe. It is as deep as or deeper than most Zins we have yet tasted from the vintage, and there is not an ounce of fat to found on its well-muscled frame. It can only improve in the decade to come.

93 Point Review - Wine & Spirits Magazine The oldest vines in this Zinfandel, Petite Sirah and Carignane blend date to 1913 and 1919, planted on western-facing slopes of Dry Creek Valley benchland. That western exposure contributes to the sense of ripeness in the wine, but the old vines have sustained freshness in their fruit to keep it balanced. It smells like roasted meats and cherry skin, presenting its earthiness with frisky energy that leaves the mouth feeling clean and tasting good. The lovely richness will meld with slow-smoked beef ribs

Joel Peterson
94 Points - Connoisseurs’ Guide, 93 Points - Wine & Spirits Magazine
Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma County
Teldeschi Vineyard
Soil Type
Tuscan Red Hill, Gravelly Loam

About the Winery

Ravenswood wines are powerful personalities – down-to-earth, elegantly rustic and robust. From our flock of Single Vineyard Designate wines, as unique as the individual vineyards they’re from and the people that farm them, to the County Series wines that capture the spirit of California’s best growing regions and the popular Vintners Blend bottlings sourced from vineyards throughout California, we strive to put what we pick from the fields right into the bottle. Unadulterated, unapologetic, unfussy, umwimpy.

Winemaker Joel Peterson

Joel Peterson has been into wine since he was 10, when his father asked him to take tasting notes for his parents’ East Bay wine tasting group. In 1976, at the age of 29, he and business partner Reed Foster, whom he met in that group, started Ravenswood with $4,000, no vineyards and no winery. For labor, they called all their friends to help for free.

“I went through a lot of friends in the first year,” Joel says.

He’s among the men most responsible for establishing Zinfandel as a world-class grape. This winemaker is a strong advocate of terroir, the French idea of showcasing a vineyard’s distinctive climate and soils through the unique flavor of the wine produced there.

Joel Peterson is unusual in that he makes Zinfandel to age. His wines are often more tannic than the current trend for ultra-ripe fruit, and not all are at their best immediately upon release. They start to resemble aged Bordeaux about 11 years after harvest. Many reach a nice balance of aged complexity with Zin-like character about six to eight years after harvest.

Offer Expired:Jun 18, 2014 at 11:59 pm
Avg. Price
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