Oh Wines

2006 Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir

California: Monterey County: Santa Lucia Highlands

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If you are visiting us for the first time, Welcome! The Wine Spies feature one exceptional wine each day – and we only bring you wines that we ourselves seek out and love. Always, the wines are great. Sometimes even better than that, as is the case with today’s wine from .

EXCLUSIVE WINE ALERT: Once again, The Wine Spies scoop another World Exclusive, bringing you today’s wine before it is available ANYwhere else

SUPERIOR WINE ALERT: Today’s wine is the best Monterey County Pinot Noir we have tasted this year

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Mission Codename: Santa Lucia Elegance

Operative: Agent Red

Objective: Investigate rumors that Richard Oh, winemaker and owner of Otter Cove Wines, has secretly crafted a small production and superior Pinot Noir under a different name. If the rumors are true and if the wine is incredible, secure an ample supply for our Operatives to enjoy

Mission Status: Accomplished

Current Winery: Oh Wines

Wine Subject: 2006 Pinot Noir

Winemakers: Richard Oh

Backgrounder: The Wine Spies have featured wines made by Richard Oh, under his brand, Otter Cove. Those wines drink beautifully and many of our Operatives imbibe Otter Cove wines regularly. When we learned that Richard was developing a higher-end Pinot Noir, Agent Red rushed to investigate. He returns, victorious, having procured an advance-allocation before the wine is available to the general public. Read Agent Red’s tasting notes and mission report below. Please note that we only have a limited supply of this wine.

Wine Spies Tasting Profile:

Look – Beautiful rose with great clarity, maintaining its color right out to its sparkling pink edges. After swirling, the wine exhibits a velvety surface and skinny legs

Smell – A beautiful rush of fruit with big cherry, ripe raspberry, soft gunpowder and a hint of mildest spice

Feel – Velvet-smooth and very round, the wine is silky and elegant across the entire palate with soft tannins that give the wine a luxurious feel

Taste – Classic Santa Lucia Highlands – but with something extra, this wine displays fantastic fruit with cherry and raspberry, followed by soft oak and a mild earthiness

Finish – Silky and elegant again, with big fruit and soft tannins

Conclusion – We are big fans of Richard Oh’s Otter Cover wines, but where his other wines could be classified as ‘budget-minded daily drinkers’, this wine is an elegant luxury wine. With fruit sourced from two of Santa Lucia’s most prized vineyards, Richard has managed to craft a wine that is tastier and more refined than others we have tasted that were made from the same fruit. If you have never tasted a Santa Lucia Highlands Pinot Noir, spoil yourself with this great example!

Mission Report:

Once The Wine Spies have conducted a covert mission to a winery, procuring follow-on wines is just a matter of the winery using the Spy Phone we install for them at their location. Recently we got the call from Richard Oh, letting us know that his new wine label was about to be unveiled and would we like to feature the wine. We knew about the new wine months earlier, when it was still in barrels, but we appreciate the offer, Richard. Thanks for letting our Operatives have first shot at your wonderful new Pinot Noir!

What follows is a prior mission recap, in which we meet Richard Oh for the first time

On my recommendation Wine Spies HQ issued me a mission directive to place Richard Oh, winemaker and owner of Otter Cove Wines, under direct surveillance. I had done enough deep background work to know that this mission would be a fairly easy one to accomplish.

Richard Oh’s Otter Cove Wines can be found at several great Monterey area restaurants and I learned that Richard himself could often be found frequenting one particular restaurant, The Siamese Bay Thai restaurant in Downtown Monterey.

I had my advance team stake the place out and I found that Richard took lunch there most Thursday’s and usually at the peak times, when there was usually a wait for a seat. I used this knowledge to my advantage and, on a Thursday, waited in my car, across the street, waiting for Richard to arrive. After he went inside, I followed a few minutes later.

The restaurant was packed. Noticing that he was seated alone at a table for two I gingerly asked him if I he would mind sharing his table with me. He politely obliged and when the waiter took my order, I added, “And please bring me a glass of the Otter Cove Pinot Noir”. Richard did his best to hide his amusement and I tried my best to ignore that.

The wine arrived and I sniffed deeply. Despite the big aromas of Thai spices in the air, the wine came through and it smelled great. I swirled, looked and sniffed some more. Richard, doing a great job of acting nonchalant, seemed to be growing anxious for me to take my first sip. I took my time, sniffing, swirling some more.

“Aren’t you going to try the wine?”, he Asked.

Looking somewhat absent-minded, I said, “Oh. Yes, in a moment. I am enjoying the aromatics of the wine.”

“Wine drinker, are you?”

“Sort of,” I lied.

When I finally took a sip, there was no lying in my reaction. I loved the wine and I made the fact plainly obvious.

“What do you think?”, he asked me.

“You make great wine, Richard.”

“Why, thank you… Agent…. ‘Red’ I presume?”

It seems that my advance team had accidentally revealed themselves a few days earlier – and that Richard Oh, master winemaker, had anticipated my arrival.

If Richard were not so good at his own craft, I’d recruit him to work in ours. He’d have made a great Wine Spy!

What the Winery Says

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This is a nice fruity wine, bold with cherries, raspberries, with a silky finish. – Winemaker Richerd Oh


This is a very limited Santa Lucia Highlands Pinot Noir. Only 100 cases produced! It is not to be missed. This will be the only opportunity to pick up a bottle of the Oh at a discount. Hurry before it’s all gone. Do your part: we are donating $1 for each bottle sold to the Monterey Chamber of Commerce.

About This Wine:

The Oh Pinot Noir is an incredible wine from start to finish. The beautiful color and bouquet will lure your senses. At the start you’ll get cherries and raspberries, then a warmth of coziness; followed with a silky finish. That’s what makes this wine sexy.

To be served at room temperature with cheese, pork, lamb, chicken, and red meat.


We produce wines with Monterey County grapes. We were able to bring some great tasting wines to Monterey and beyond. We pride ourselves with quality products at a great price. We are a local group of wine makers and consultants seeking to bring great joy to others by producing what nature gave us. We can’t think of a better way to share stories, dinner, tastings, laughter, love, and romance than over a bottle of wine… (Otter Cove) Oh wine, that is.

Richard Oh first got involved making wines about 15 years ago. It’s was for another local winery. He was not the winemaker, however, he was in marketing. None the less, he was exposed to wine making and wanted to learn as much as he could. Unfortunately, it didn’t last too long. But it started a passion that would carry into his life even now. Richard built a wine room at his house and started collecting wines. In addition, he began to make wines at home. He certainly has grown since then. He started Otter Cove Wines in 2004 while managing a mortgage company. I guess he got out of the mortgage business just in time. He started with a Riesling and now he has six varietals. “I’m very happy with how Otter Cove Wines has turned out.” As quoted by Richard. He has received great support from the owners and staff of some of the best restaurants and stores in Monterey County, San Jose, and now Los Angeles. He enjoys meeting people at wine events and talking about Otter Cove wines as well as wines in general. “I have been fortunate enough to put my passion into joy for others.” This is what life is about. Thanks for visiting our site. Now go enjoy our wines.

Technical Analysis:

This wine has been ageing in French Oak barrels for approximately ten months and another nine months of refining in the bottle. With 50% new oak.

Alc. By Vol.: 14.2%

Acidity: 5.82

Ph: 3.71

1st Bottling: 2006

Total Annual Production: 2,000 cases

Grapes: 100 % Pinot Noir

70% Paraiso Fruit and 30% Tondre Fruit

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