Fess Parker Winery

2012 Santa Barbara County Viognier

Viognier •Rodney's Vineyard

Santa Barbara County

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Mission Briefing


Boone's Pride

We love Fess Parker Winery. We’ve featured their wines for more than 7 years now and in that time, we have grown ever more fond of them.

Today’s Fess Parker Winery 2012 Santa Barbara County Viognier reinforces our love for this wonderful winery. This lovely Viognier is a lush, fresh, fruity and bright delight that invites elegant sips as readily as it does great big gulps.

Enjoy this very food friendly wine with an assortment of foods, from complex meat dishes (the wine is a perfect between-bites palate cleanser) or finer dishes of white fish with tender vegetables.

Tasting Profile


Pretty, glinting golden yellow with even coloration from core to the very edge of the glass.


Grilled nectarine, smoked peach and jasmine that lead to honey and subtle white flower. Beneath these a subtle minerality gives the wine a sturdy base.


The very soft and elegant feel of the wine shuttles Meyer lemon, smoky peach, toasty wood, nectarine and jasmine tea to the far corners of the palate.


The finish starts off as full-bodied, but then softens as flavors tail off very slowly.


This lovely wine is the perfect companion for a fruity papaya salad served with a white fish ceviche or a seared tuna… or your coming Thanksgiving feast!

What the Winery Says

Santa Barbara County
Harvest Date
September 24th - November 2nd
0.651 g/100mL
100% barrel fermented and aged 10 months in 1 year and older French oak barrels
Blair Fox

About the Winery

Offer Expired:Nov 10, 2014 at 11:59 pm
Avg. Price
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