Domaine de Chatenoy


Sauvignon Blanc •Menteou-Salon

France: Loire Valley

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What We Say

. . *Mission Debriefing* . .

. . Time : 0600 Hours (Zulu)

. . Agent : White

. . Subject: MENETOU-SALON White (Sauvignon Blanc)

. . Deep Background: Pierre Clement, the owner of Domaine de Chatenoy, studied oenology in Dijon, France. His family have been winegrowers in the fabled Loire Valley since 1560. He is a 14th generation winemaker.

Neighboring Domaine de Chatenoy is rival region, the famous Sancerre. While Sancerre produces a similar style of wines, Domaine de Chatenoy wines posses a unique personality. Its wines, particularly the Sauvignon Blanc I spied while undercover there, are more covert.

. . Wine Tasting: After bribing a young vineyard worker with American chocolates, I was able to procure a bottle of Menetou-Salon White. I retreated to my forest hideyhole to open the wine. Instantly I found this Sauv Blanc to have a vivid citrus bouquet, and a rich palate of white peach, lemongrass and spring flowers. While I could not confirm it during the mission, I believe that this wine would be a perfect match for lobster and scallops. It certainly went well with the river fish that, thanks to my survival training, I was able to catch using an improvised fishing pole fashioned from pine needles, moss and a discarded coffee tin.

. . In Summary: This would be a great wine, drunk well-chilled on a summer afternoon. I think that this wine would be easy to drink on its own, and that pairing with the right foods could be somewhat challenging. It is my recommendation that recruits purchase 2 or more bottles to experiment with. Especially at current Wine Spies pricing.

: end report : : **

What the Winery Says

Vines: 100% Sauvignon.

Age: 20 - 40 years.

Method: 1/3 maceration with skin, pneumatic pressing, cold treatment, spontaneous fermentation using local yeasts in temperature-regulated stainless steel vats, raised on fine sediment the bottled in the spring.

Production: Approximately 280 000 bottles per year.

Notes on the taste and service: This is a remarkable expressive Sauvignon, with a backcurrant bouquet which unites freshness with an exceptional depth of taste.

Served cool, this wine is a marvellous accompaniment to fish and sea food.

It should be drunk young.

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