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2004 Grenache - "The Lady"

Grenache Noir •Ventana Vineyard Arroyo Seco

California: Monterey County

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What We Say

Dearest Lady,

I know that a spy must remain detached, cold and calculating. All of my training in wine espionage taught me to never allow myself to fall in love. In your case, this was impossible.

From the moment that we met in the beautiful Arroyo Seco AVA I knew that we were meant to be together. I know that many men have courted you but I think that they were only after your Estate, where you were 100% born and raised. I saw something more in you. True, your French heritage mesmerized me and your penchant for the finest oak impressed me, but I saw through all of that - to your soul.

When finally your ruby red fullness touched my lips, and your aroma of lilacs and candy apple hit me like a ton of grapes, I was hooked. The silky smoothness of your embrace and the playful little bite you gave me, well, you know.

Long after our final kiss, the taste of you lingers.

I don’t care about the Silver Medal you won at the 2006 California State Fair Wine Competition, or the Bronze medal you won at the 2006 Orange county Fair Wine Competition. What matters to me is is that you are uniquely you. And you are _delicious_!

Wine Spies Wine Facts and Specifications

This is a unusual varietal that, in France is called Grenache Noir. In the USA it must be called, simply, Grenache.

It is a Rhone style wine with great character and great flavors. It has enough acidity to stand up to some harder pairings like grilled meats. We spies like to drink it on its own as well.

Appelation: Arroyo Seco AVA. Monterey, California

Vareital: 100% Grenache Noir

Vineyard: 100% Estate Ventana Vinyard

Barrel Selection: French Oak

Total Acidity: .64 g/ 100ml

pH: 3.63

Alcohol: 13.1%

[note: A tip of the spy decanter to Erin Martin for inspiring the above story!]

What the Winery Says

The Lady

Winemaking Notes
It was our goal to strive for a wine with elegance, thus the name “The Lady”. Grenache Noir is a grape varietal not yet readily known in the US, but well known in France where it has been used for many centuries to create the great wines of the Rhone region. Ventana’s Grenache Noir is Estate Grown. Please note that due to US Alcohol law we must call the wine Grenache. The Varietal is Grenache Noir however.

The Grenache Noir grapes are immediately de-stemmed and placed in open-top fermentors for about two weeks or until fermentation stops. During this time the cap is hand-punched for optimum contact between the skins and the juice. The solids are left to be returned to the vineyard and the juice is pumped off into French Oak for 18 months barrel aging.

Tasting Notes
Our Rubenesque Grenache Noir displays opulent purple color and a vivacious bouquet of lilacs. “The Lady” flaunts flavors of blueberry and candied apple embraced by French oak, pleasing the palate and finishing leisurely. This is an elegant companion to hearty fare such as grilled pork or lamb – or by herself. Enjoy with friends. Salute!

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