Petra Unger

2006 Riesling Hinters Kirchl


Austria: Wachau

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Agent Sparkle Reporting:

Fellow Agents,

I just completed my covert op to the Austrian wine growing region of Wachau. The region lies along an 30km/18mi stretch of the Danube river, between Melk and Krems. Here, the river cuts a narrow valley between the Dunkelsteiner Wald to the southeast and the foothills of the Bohemian Forest to the northwest. It is beautiful here, especially in the summertime.

As you know, my mission was simple: Locate and retrieve the best reisling I could – for under US$20.00. Well, lady and gents, mission accomplished. I have enclosed for your pleasure inside the attached courier pouch a sample of Riesling Hinters Kirchl from fabled woman winemaker, Petra Unger.

You will immediately notice its floral quality, with notes of Lilac and Freesia, which Agent Red will probably say smells like black pepper.

On my tongue, there is an initial buzz. This gives way to a rounded tartness. This is no ordinary Riesling. There is a hint of oak and mild tannins, but it is not overly sweet like most wines of this variety. I liken its character to a great French Champagne, without the bubbles. That’s not to say that it feels flat. On the contrary, it has character.

This is the sort of wine I would sip at a board meeting, or on the south lawn at Wine Spies HQ – after a tiring mission. Because this wine has a low alcohol content, I could sip lot’s of it. And not just on a hot day. This Reisling would make a fine year-round wine and a great winter Holiday wine. I think I’ll stock up.

Don’t forget to tell those that we spy for that the price they pay for shipping goes down, per bottle, the more that they order!

: : Agent Sparkle : :

What the Winery Says

Founded in 1987 by Dr. Wolfgang Unger, and now operated by his daughter Petra, and Konrad Hackl, the 40 hectare Dr. Unger estate is located in the prestigious Kremstal and Wachau regions of Austria.

Wachau regional wines are some of the most sought-after in Austria. The steep, terraced hillsides have a unique terroir, due to glacial deposits from the last ice-age. Riesling is king in this region, as some of the richest expressions of the varietal hail from Wachau.

Kremstal vineyards produce some of the finest Grüner Veltliners, exhibiting exotic fruits, soft texture, and distinctive pepper notes.

Dr. Unger’s range of wines include Classic and Reserve bottlings.

The Classic wines have a maximum alcohol content of 12.5%, are delightfully fresh and clean with a fruit-forward, elegant style. The Reserve wines are ripened longer and typically exceed 12.5% alcohol. These dry wines are full bodied, rich and rewarding delivering long flavors that express a sense of place.

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