2002 Silver Blue

Petite Sirah •Richard Ripkin Vineyard

California: Lodi: Woodbridge

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Our mission for today’s wine was to locate a Monterey Petite Sirah. This was no easy mission for our agents, but we happened upon this excellent Silver Blue from Pavona while deep under cover at a recent Monterey wine event.

Here at the Wine Spies we love exotic and difficult to find wines. Petite Sirah is a perfect example with only 4000 acres planted around the US. This particular Sirah was born in the vineyards of fabled grape grower Richard Ripkin, a 3rd generation grower. Richard is an eccentric grower, known for his “no boring wines!” attitude and for the love, care and passion he puts into the grapes that he grows.

This wine is inky-dark, almost black in color. On the nose, this wine gives off a big ripe plum, cherry, herb and condensed berry and oak. In the mouth we get a rich blast of blackberry, plum, cherry and pepper, with mid-palate tannins and a medium finish. This unfined wine is not gritty as one would expect – not that that would stop us from drinking it. Overall, all the Agents agree, it feels like a natural wine, built from love, sun, and hard work.

We recommend this wine if you love BIG wines that fill your mouth with flavor and excitement! There is nothing covert about this wine.

What the Winery Says

“I don’t want the wine to taste like it was made by a larger winery whose wines tend to have a softer structure and lighter character,” says Kanakaris. “I like bigger, more concentrated wines. I don’t mind higher alcohol levels in our wines as long as they have intense fruit and don’t taste hot.” The PAVONA 2002 SILVER BLUE PETITE SIRAH is a perfect example of the PAVONA winemaking style. The wine is 100% Petite Sirah, grown in the Ripken Vineyard in Lodi. Ripken specializes in Rhone-style varieties and is known for producing low yields of concentrated fruit. The SILVER BLUE PETITE SIRAH was barrel aged two years in small French and American oak barrels (mostly one and two years old) and bottle aged one year prior to its release.The wine drinks well now- at five years old- but will continue to improve for 3 to 4 more years. The wine was bottled unfined and only very lightly filtered, so it will throw sediment.

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