Il Palazzotto 2007 Dolcetto di Diano d Alba Sori Cristina

Il Palazzotto 2007 Dolcetto di Diano d Alba Sori Cristina

What We Say 2007 Dolcetto di Diano d Alba Sori Cristina


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Mission Codename: Sorry Cristina, See you in Italy!

Operative: Agent White

Objective: Secure an exclusive single vineyard Dolcetto from the famed Piedmont.

Mission Status: Accomplished!

Current Winery: Il Palazzotto

Wine Subject: 2007 Dolcetto di Diano d’Alba Sori Cristina

Winemaker: Paolo Olivero


Dolcetto, or literally translated as the ‘little sweet one’ is one of the primary grapes of Italy’s Piedmont. The best Dolcetto is grown in and around the Alba region. The grape has a thinner skin than its local neighbors resulting in its lighter flavors and brighter acidity making this wine perfect for lunch meals or as a starter wine for a traditional Italian meal. Dolcetto is often made as a single varietal wine and the best of Dolcetto is from designated single vineyards.

Wine Spies Tasting Profile:

Look – Dark and deep ruby-red with a dark, almost inky core. Brighter ruby and garnet hues as you approach the edge of the glass with slow thick legs that cling to the edge of the glass when swirled.

Smell – Medium bold and classic Dolcetto aromas of black cherry and black licorice are unobstructed by any oak (this wine is aged in stainless steel), showing its true varietal character. Sweet raspberry and a touch of plum as well as hints of herbaceous peppermint and pipe tobacco also emerge as you explore the nose of this wine.

Feel – The initial attack of this medium-bodied red is bright, tangy and dry; its tannic structure, while medium-firm is not overpowering.

Taste – Flavors of ripe and sweet raspberry, red cherry, and plum layered over notes of black licorice and a touch of white pepper and smoke.

Finish – This wine finishes clean and is of medium length with lingering flavors of its fruit and licorice as well as a touch of smokiness.

Conclusion – The 2007 Dolcetto di Diano d’Alba Sori Cristina shows the true and unobstructed character of Dolcetto. Medium bodied, great acidity, not overly complex in its flavors, but delicious none the less. This Dolcetto is ready to drink immediately and will continue to develop for a few years to come. Perfect as a starting wine for a meal or to compliment a spicy dish of Penne all’arrabbiata.

Mission Report:






Things had only gone from bad to worse. Ops had been requesting a quality and varietally true Dolcetto to satisfy operative requests for months. W.I.N.E. had been running overtime and the excess processor cycles was taking its toll. Other operational tasks where suffering.

The only solution, and the one I prefer best is to get on an airplane and hit some vineyards where you know the wine is good. The only challenge was to convince the upper echelons to approve yet another trip to the Piedmont… The best way was to just go and report in once in country.

I PIN messaged Agent Baco Noir and she forwarded some intel and imagery analysis and all was set. Off to Il Palazzotto in Diano d’Alba to taste up the 2007 Dolcetto di Diano D’Alba Sori Cristina.

Wine Spies Vineyard Check:

Today’s wine comes from the Diano d’Alba in the Piedmont, the location of the Il Palazzotto can be seen in this satellite photo.

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What the Winery Says Il Palazzotto

Il Palazzotto
Il Palazzotto

About This Wine:

Dolcetto is one of the most diffused varieties in the Langhe region and Southern Piedmont thanks to its versatility and capability to adapt to the most diverse soil conditions.

The concentrically Diano d’Alba district is located on a hilltop which is among the highest in the Langhe zone. Here Dolcetto grows untiringly in the best exposed slopes, become an important economic resource.

Winemaker’s Notes:

Colour: Ruby red

Bouquet: Winey, pleasant and characteristic.

*Flavour: * Dry, bitterish, moderately acid and harmonious with a good body.

Gastronomic coupling: Wine to all meals, it prefers the first dishes, specially typical dishes of piedmont cooking (Tajarin, Ravioli al plin).

Temperature serving: 16-18° C.

About The Vineyard:

Vineyard: Cristina vineyard is in Diano d’Alba, (400 m. asl ) facing south, with Guyot pruning. The production is 80 quintal/ hectare. In Piedmontese dialect, the word Sori’ means “ Solatio”, in Diano d’Alba son vineyards are normally regarded as the best ones.

Soil Composition: terreno di medio impasto tendente al calcareo

Age(Plantings): 1987

Density: 4500 vines/hectare

Farming: (conventional, sustainable, organic, biodynamic, “agriculture raisonne”, etc): viene seguita la legge europea 2078/ misura F1 che prevede un uso limitato e ragionato dei prodotti per la difesa del vigneto. Tutto questo avviene con l’ausilio di tecnici specializzati che mediante monitoraggi continui ( es. trappole con ferormoni) e visite in vigna controllano costantemente le presenze delle varie malattie ,agendo di conseguenza solo con prodotti permessi da tale legge.

About The Winery:

From decades, on the hills of Diano d’Alba, life constitutes an fundamental engagement. His grandfather Michele, and his father Carlo produced the excellent Dolcetto of Diano choosing with care the best clusters from the best vineyards. In 1995, the son, Paolo, an enologist, was introduced full-time to the family business that produces less than 25,000 bottles per year. The most representative wines are the Dolcetto di Diano Sori Cristina and Santa Lucia along with the Barbera and Nebbiolo that are aged in oak barrels.

Technical Analysis:

Grape Composition: 100% Dolcetto

Harvest Date: 15-20 September

Maceration: 4-5 days

Fermentation: 8-10 days at a maximum temperature of 28-30°C

Aging: 4-5 years

Cooperage: stainless steel only

Alcohol by vol.: 13.00%

Total acidity: 5,1 g./l.

Dry extract: 26,5 g./l.

Il Palazzotto 2007 Dolcetto di Diano d Alba Sori Cristina 750ml Wine Bottle
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Il Palazzotto 2007 Dolcetto di Diano d Alba Sori Cristina 750ml Wine Bottle
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