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2006 Viognier California

Viognier •Chumeia

California: Paso Robles

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What We Say

We spied a great wine for you in this unique and uncommon varietal. Viognier (pronounced “vee-ohn-yay”) is a somewhat scarce grape which is difficult to grow and, indeed, very little of it is grown throughout the world.

It is also difficult to make great wine from Viognier grapes as it takes great care and skill on the part of the wine maker to bring out the intense flavors and powerful nose that better Viogniers display.

If you usually have trouble picking out smells and flavors with a wine, we assure you that you will not have the same problem with this wine. This is a wine that is totally bursting with flavors and sweetness, with *real *aromas of appricot, peach, pear, and even honeysuckle and nectarine.

If you enjoy a great Chardonnay for its dryness or a Gewürztraminer for its aromatic sweetness, you will love this varietal.

Don’t let anyone tell you that white wines pair with just this or that. This is a great summertime drinker that we encourage you to pair with almost anything. Its a powerful wine that can stand up to almost anything we tried it with.

Note: Because our per bottle price is so low, we encourage you to buy a few bottles to save on shipping charges. The first bottle is always the most expensive to ship to you. Besides, this is a great party wine that will impress at your next summer BBQ so you’ll want to have lots on hand.

Note 2: This is a buy-and-enjoy varietal. Don’t keep it for more than a year or two. Buy it now, chill it, and enjoy!

Viognier. Today. Hooray!

What the Winery Says

This vintage is 100% Viognier, 100% stainless steel fermentation, no malolactic fermentation and no oak…just great Viognier! Take in big aromas of lush stone fruits like peaches, apricots and nectarines and a hint of Lychee nut. The mouth feel and flavor begins with the stone fruit flavors followed by lush texture and a powerful finish. Enjoy!

Viognier lends itself to grilled foods, fresh salads, seafood and fresh fruits. Try this Viognier with grilled scallops, Indian spiced chicken salad and Caribbean crabcakes.

Acidity: .57

Alcohol: 14%

Appellation: California

Bottling Date: June 25, 2007

Harvest Date: September 20,2007

Harvest Notes: The 2006 growing season in Madera County was warmer than usual, which Viognier is very well suited for. Through careful vineyard management, the 2006 crop offered great acid levels and varietal characteristics. The fruit needed only minor adjustments in the vineyard through watering applications to bring the acid levels into the correct balance with the sugar levels.

Oak: Stainless Steel

Release Date: July 15, 2007

Sugar: .77%

Varietal: Viognier

Winemakers Notes: The Viognier did not undergo any malo lactic fermentation. Thus, all of the natural malic acid was retained. This wine is 100% stainless steel aged with out any oak aging. We feel that due to the viscous nature of Viognier, any ml would only make this delicate, fl oral and fruity wine wind up out of character and lost in a sea of average wine.

Year: 2006

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