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2017 '1 KM West' Sonoma Coast Chardonnay

Chardonnay •Sangiacomo Green Acres & Fallenleaf

California: Sonoma County: Russian River Valley

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Mission Briefing


Go West

SWOON! Remember that first kiss, how you just wanted another, and the next one, and the next. That’s this. Without all the awkwardness. One taste of this will have you smiling faster than a county fair funnel cake entering your mouth when you’re on a diet. And the best part? Well, besides the 40 plus percent off …you won’t feel like you just ate a big greasy funnel cake.

Erik Humphrey, aka Eric Kent learned a few things under Bill Hunter of Chasseur and Mike Officer of Carlisle so you know he’s got the chops. Kent and his wife Colleen, a former art director, encourage up-and-coming local artists by commissioning them to design the beautiful Eric Kent labels.

Beautiful labels aside, what matters is the juice inside. And it’s flat out gorgeous. So fresh. So clean. It’s like the best of Burgundy and California got together and had a baby. The Hyde clone coming from the Sangiacomo Green Acres side brings that cool-climate freshness while the riper, fuller hillsides of Fallenleaf provides the volume with that classic Old ‘Shot’ Wente clone influence.

The result is a yin/yang pull between crisp and refreshing and rich and full. Mouthwateringly juicy white peaches, Lemonheads, and honey-dipped pears blend with golden pineapple with a mild hint of cinnamon toast crunch. There’s a creamy side to it, with a deft touch of oak, and a lush mouthfeel but it also has an abundance of vivid acidity. You can stash this for years and it’ll keep giving and giving with more and more depth and complexity.

The alluring art included with this delicately perfumed, balanced like a butterfly Chardonnay is by Klea McKenna should you wish to get to know her work better via that link. Last but not least, with Eric Kent wines, every bottle you buy of this continues to support the artist since inception, making this a win-win-win wine.

Summer is here and we’re guessing you probably aren’t drinking enough white wine in Q-tine. We take full responsibility for not bringing enough killer Chardonnay to the table, and today we’re making amends…big time. Wicked good stuff that will light up your taste buds and have you saying, “man, I really need to stash more Chardonnay”. Get it while it’s here!

Tasting Profile


Golden hay with brilliant swirls of amber-green.


Citrus, pear drop, and golden pineapple with a mild hint of cinnamon toast.


Creamy, lush, spicy with an excellent vivid acidity backbone and fruity opulence to spare.


Broad, expansive, and resonating long and full, with a pleasant roasted nuttiness beneath.


Prosciutto wrapped melons, bacon wrapped scallops or prawns, or phyllo wrapped baked brie.

What the Winery Says

Kent Humphrey
100% Chardonnay
Sonoma Coast, Sonoma County
Sangiacomo Green Acres & Fallenleaf
73% Old wente, 27% Hyde
Total acidity
7.0 g/L
12 months
25% new French oak
Bottling date
December 18, 2018
Label art by
Klea McKenna
6 barrels

About the Winery

Offer Expired:Jun 27, 2020 at 11:59 pm
Avg. Price
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