Sauvignon Republic

2012 Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc

New Zealand: Marlborough

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Mission Briefing


The New Republic

We absolutely adore today’s classic Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc produced by Sauvignon Republic! Maybe because we undeniably adore the talented winemaker Virginia Marie Lambrix. Or, it could be the fact that this wine is such a wonderful, budget-friendly white wine for the upcoming holidays. We have featured Ginny’s marvelous wines before but today, we have found a true gem!

Crafted from grapes from a select vineyard source in New Zealand, this bright and fresh Sauvignon Blanc proves to be the ultimate holiday sipper. With notes of green apple, honeysuckle, and pineapple - our tasting panel had a hard time putting their glasses down - until the very last drops were imbibed! Tropical and versatile we suggest you pair this lively wine with any type of sea food, sushi, hard cheeses, or all by itself!

Refreshingly delicious we recommend that you stock up today - and save a few bottles for next summer’s blistering temperatures!

Tasting Profile


Light straw and crystal clear, from the heart of the wine, out to the translucent edges. After an intense swirl, tall columned tears begin to creep slowly down the glass.


Fresh and bright, with tropical notes that suggest that the wine will be delicious and bursting with flavor. Notes of sweet citrus, spice and hint of grassiness all add to the enchanting fragrance. As the wine begins to open, aromas become more potent and inviting with a sweeter note of honeysuckle and fresh pineapple.


Lively acidity is expressed through fresh green apple, sweet citrus and subtle grassiness. After breathing the complexity begins to come alive, providing new layers of depth.


Soft and silky smooth, the finish attests that this bright and fresh white wine is easy drinking. Lingering green apple and bright acidity in the gum line will continue well after last sip.


What the Winery Says

Sauvignon Blanc is our “go to” wine for sipping on its own after a long day’s work and almost every meal including spicy ethnic cuisines. Its bright fresh cut green grass and kiwi aromas complement the mouthwatering crispness and bright acidity creating a refreshing treat especially the hot summer months.


A windswept terrior of hills and dry gravelly-clay riverbeds produces crisp tropical sauvignon with gooseberry notes, herbal grassiness, and restrained minerality. Juicy flavors, crisp acidity and a long finish pair well with sea foods of all kinds. The perfect wine with Sushi!





About the Winery

Sauvignon Republic was founded in 2004 by a famous winemaker, a veteran farmer, and a celebrity chef charmed by Sauvignon Blanc’s, fresh, bright, quaffable character and chameleon like adaptability for exciting food matches.

There are only a handful of select regions around the world that grow exceptional Sauvignon Blanc grapes and we are continually traveling to these “hot spots”, tasting and evaluating the best examples of the variety from select pockets within these wine region’s micro-climates. Locales in New Zealand, South Africa, and the Russian River Valley consistently produce the quality we want for Sauvignon Republic.

Since our founding other’s have joined us in our fascination and pursuit of the most delicious sauvignon blanc to be found vintage to vintage. In 2010 the Hambrecht, Hurst, Dolan, DeMeulenaere families, and winemaker Ginny Lambrix joined the quest and brought along business and winemaking savvy to help source fruit, make wine, and continue our goal to keep plenty of friendly priced Sauvignon Republic on your table.

Join us in our delicious Sauvignon Blanc explorations. Hopefully you will agree that Sauvignon Blanc is a natural “go to” wine for sipping on its own after a long day’s work and for its affinity with almost every meal, especially spicy ethnic cuisines.

Offer Expired:Nov 08, 2012 at 11:59 pm
Avg. Price
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