2007 Toscana Red Super Tuscan IGT


Italy: Tuscany

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Mission Briefing


The Hills of Tuscany

Contemassi Winery has the distinction of being our best-selling Italian winery of these last seven years. Their wines are always exceptional - and always value priced.

Today’s Contemassi 2007 Toscana Red Super Tuscan IGT is a wonderful summer wine that will pair beautifully with any Italian meal. Enjoy with everything from a rich meat sauce pasta to a fresh pasta Primavera. This classic super Tuscan from Contemassi goes with everything.

This Italian beauty is offered to you, today only, with our highest recommendation. Even better than the wonderful Contemassi Classico that graced our pages earlier this year, today’s Super Tuscan is certain to please any fan of great Italian wines.

Tasting Profile


Freshly pressed unfiltered cherry juice. Slightly opaque at the center, leading gradually to translucent edges.


Intense and layered, with black cherry, blueberry, fennel, and subtle tutti-frutti.


Flavor spreads from the center of the tongue outward. We found dried fruits, especially currant, cherry, and blackberry, along with tomato stem, briar patch, clove, subtle mushroom, and hard, cracked leather.


Dry crushed velvet that gradually dries the entire palate.


Any Italian dish would be wonderful! We would recommend pasta bolognese or a veggie pizza with sun-dried tomatoes, olives, and bell peppers.

What the Winery Says

2007 Toscana Red Super Tuscan IGT
Toscana IGT
90% Sangiovese, 10% Merlot
Vinification and Refinement
This fine wine is made primarily from choice Sangiovese grapes grown in selected Tuscan vineyards having sandy, clay-like, and calcareous soil. Following the age-old traditional vinification method, fully mature grapes are harvested from the vineyards and crushed almost immediately. The grapes are then poured into large inox tanks for fermentation. The primary fermentation evolves at a controlled temperature of 80-82 D F until the process is complete. The wine is then filtered and stored at a constant temperature in oak casks and small barriques for a minimum of 12 months in order to obtain warm tone and color ripe.
Color - Bright ruby red Bouquet - Oak and fruit; gentle and harmonious Flavor - Cherry and plum; fruity with oak finish
Food Pairings
Ideal with all Mediterranean dishes, beef roast, game, and spicy cheese. Serve at room temperature.
Point of interest
Super Tuscan is an unofficial category of Tuscan wines, the origin of which is rooted in the restrictive DOC practices of the Chianti zone prior to the 199os. Although now modified, the regulations at that time required Chianti to be composed of no more than 70% Sangiovese and at least 10% of a local white wine grape, resulting in a wine perceived by some to be inferior.

Unwilling to concede to these regulations, in 1971 the Marchese Piero Antinori created a “Chianti-style” Sangiovese-Cabernet blend, resulting in the birth of the Super Tuscan.

About the Winery

The origin of the name Chianti is not certain. It may have originated from the Latin word clangor (noise), reminiscent of the sounds of hunting in the forests of the area, or from the Etruscan word clante (water), indicating the area had resources that favored the growth of the grapes.

Contemassi is a premium winery in the Tuscany wine growing region that specializes in producing a range of flavorful yet smooth Chiantis.

Offer Expired:Jun 30, 2013 at 11:59 pm
Avg. Price
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